Oh my God, Oh my God, to you I applaud. You are One who truly isn't a fraud. 

You've saved me and paced me, so in life I don't become hasty and crazy.

To You I owe everything, because without You I wouldn't have Angel's wings.

To You the honor and the glory, for everything You've done for me. 

How can I count the ways? Let's list what God has done and see that it pays;

You saved me from a destructive path involving drugs and alcohol in which I thought I knew it all but only could crawl,

You brought me away from toxic paths that wouldn't last,

You restore my soul each and every day, what else can I say?

Because of You who is the One that knew that I needed to go back to school,

obtain my Master's in Library Science to help children feel cool,

to become sober in order to be won over,

to get my life back on track

when everything was upside down, whack.

You are a true Father,

and I am your loving, grateful Daugther.

God is good.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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