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Lord, can you completely take control of my mind.
I'm tired of wiriness, jealousy, and being filled with strife.
Your presence is at every turn but I continue to slide.
Can my hand be held can you make the decisions in my life?
If I walk in the spirit, I won't fulfill the lusts of the flesh.
My inner being agree's but my whole body protests.
It resists, it argues back, help me follow what you said.
Whatsoever's True. Honest. And Just be mindful of that.
But the people around me there putting thoughts into my head
I don't want to conform I'm aiming to renew it instead.
Why am I so disturbed pertaining to whats within?
I know to hope in God and that faith, it hires patience.
You died and you redeemed me but I fail again and again.
My nature is so corrupt, its filthy completely dead.
Why do I have these doubts and why do they persist?


Pause, I'm going to speak now, I'm going to correct your minds perspective.
Yes I've died, yes your saved, so why do you have these questions?
You're only above and you're never beneath, focus on your position.
The course of this world is not your concern. I will do what I said it is written.
I have not given you a spirit of fear. Why is it that's how you think?
For I am Holy, you are Holy, and that's what you'll begin to believe.
So be of good courage do not be afraid the Lord thy God is with thee.
Your old self is dead, you are transformed and now you walk within me.
For all have sinned, but to those who believe, Yes! you have been redeemed.
Cast down, all contradictions for even when you sin your Righteousness is what I see.
You're not under the law, but you're under grace, you'll be delivered in all your ways.
I hung on that cross, I rose in three days and who the son sets free is free.


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always have god in your heart
give him something to work with as you reflect your thoughts behind this poem
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