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We question the gifts that we are given

not realizing the lives that are taken

because of our greed and the seeds that we plant in the minds of our seeds and the hearts of our souls.

Who are we to question Gods plan?

We say that we leave it all in his hand but

expect the world to turn and bow down to us,

giving him none of our trust.

Following false prophets and giving false praises.

Worshiping idols while still saying we’re Christians.  

Allowing our flesh to consume our soul turning off the light that we have inside,

being blind to a world that is a melting pot of heaven and hell.

Not giving him praise

not fighting the war we were brought into this hellish world to fight.

Instead fighting an internal war between good and evil. 

Speaking in tongues that the lord don’t even know.

We are no longer sure of the life that we lead or the seeds we are sowing.

Instead we are focused on growing in a society that is built around gossip

and mistrust of our brothers and sisters

leaving us empty and against one another.

A world where your best friend is your worst enemy,

your mother will shun you from her home letting you rot in the streets with nothing to eat.

A world built around destroying your temple with drugs and selling it for sex thinking it will get you the life that you seek.

Thinking that God is never there when you need him. 

Cursing his name for the pain you are in while you lie on the floor taking your last breathe,

when all you had to do is stay true to his light and not give up on the fight.


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