The Mirror


When looking for the best reflective surface,

One needs to be careful.

You have to be very particular,

Because of the things that will lie to your face.


Look in a spoon, you’re upside down;

The reflective surface of water shows you disfigured;

A Hall of Mirrors is a hall of lies;

Right- these aren’t honest ways to look at yourself.


You might say a picture or true mirror are better sources.

But really, they only show the skin’s surfaces.

They show the petty imperfections,

The surface beauty.

You know, what people see.


Let me make this one suggestion,

That you view yourself through another’s eyes.

But not just any others.

Someone who’s view is unobstructed by flesh and bone.


Rather simply put, it’s Jesus.

You know, the One who made you.

The Son who knows everything.

And why not, it’s not like He can lie.


I won’t lie.

The truth might be unpleasant.

You’ll see things you were unaware of,

Things you had wanted to ignore.


It’s not going to be all an eyesore, I’m sure.

You were made in His image after all,

There has to be some kind of treasure in there.

Something to make Him want you.


There within the scars and sin-caused disfigurement,

Is something unique and precious.

Not to be taken for granted-

And most definitely not to be traded for all but one thing.


It’s a soul.

A key to eternity.

Yours to give..

But not meant to take.


The reason why you had to be so particular about where to look,

Is, because, the World will lie to you.

It will magnify the bad

And forget the good.


You can shed so much pain-

By changing your reflective surface.

Look through Jesus’ eyes,

And relief will follow.

I promise.


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Our world


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