Scandel of a King


My passion isn't like any other

My passion is the kind of passion

that doesn't point its finger but its palm

It is the air I breathe; it keeps me calm

therefore I'm not a tick...BOMB

 A scandal called grace!

It was His unmerited favor, the STRIPS on His SKIN

was for His people more thanHis kingdom,

 His arm of love stretches far up above then we can image

Again I say His Arms of love, of L.O.V.E

 His life was brought down for you and me, yes WE!

Can't you see?

I see the King first thing in the morning

Those very breathe of life

Yes there a "might not wake up the next morning" kind of though

 But I see Him near the broken hearted

You see that guy with the beer who's passed out on the street?

That girl with the amazing smile who constantly gets beats!

That mom overdosing while her child is in the backseat!  

Yes I see HIM

Because misery love company

His love is our company

It is comforting

Excuse me!!

Please don't lose me!

 You see I am the princess of the King

Don't get me wrong we are all part of royalty

But can you believe you are part of majesty?

A son or daughter of the higher King!

Everything the King does is because He is good

not because we are good We do good because of

what He has done for us

 Not to get but to give

Only the grace of the King changes out schools,

Our politics, saves the addict, cures all cancers,

Speaks life to death, fixes that wife and her mess!

He was wounded and crush because of our wrong doings

 By taking our punishment we were made completely well

There's no need to dwell

There might be pain in the night but joy comes in the morning

He turns our wailing in to dancing

 This King is amazing

The only scandal that is known throughout history

The scandal of the cross!

Either he is lord of all or not lord at all





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