Why God?

Dear God:

Why was I born with a heart condition?

Why did you let my parents’ divorce when I was at the ripe age of two?

Why did you allow me to trust so much that I was easily misled as a child?

Why didn’t you allow my parents to expose me enough to a house of yours?

Why did you allow me to see adult cartoons at such a young age?

Why did you let me grow up wishing that I didn’t have to go see my Dad?

Why did you allow him to marry without even asking me about how I felt?

Why did you allow my mother to have be a single mother until I was nine?

Why did you allow my friends to abandon me in the 6th grade?

Why did you allow me to want to appeal to my peers so bad for their approval?

Why did you bring the woman of my dreams into my life just to make me wait an eternity to have her become my wife?

Why did you allow me to be miserable because of the words of discouragement from my freshman class?

Why did you allow my family to endure a roach-infested apartment because of the recession?

Why did you take my best friend since birth away from me with a bullet to the chest?

Why did you let my so-called friends pierce my heart with hurtful words about my dark skin thinking I would take them lightheartedly?

Why did you hinder my ability to cope with stress, handicapping me when it comes to the pressures of college?

Why won’t you allow me to transform from an ugly worm into a beautiful butterfly?

Why God? Why?

Is it because you work in mysterious ways…

That’s not enough for me!

Is it because you have some twisted plan where there’s a moral to each and every story?

I refuse to believe in some fairytale!

Am I just some neatly wrapped present filled with dirt and a bundle of issues?

No, there is a reason for everything and you are that reason.

God, thank you for pulling me through and pushing me toward a higher purpose

Why God? Why?

Why was I born into such a loving family who is very accepting of who I am?

Why have you made me an all A student throughout grade school?

Why have you made it such a great journey of making friends and exploring my interests in college?

Why have you given me lifelong friends that have been with me through the highs and lows of my life?

Why have you given me the most wonderful girlfriend a man could ask for?

Why have you allowed me to self-publish a book aimed at unlocking doors of opportunity for teenagers?

Why have you allowed me to have so many gifts and talents that I enjoy sharing with others?

Why have you been so merciful to me when I showed no mercy to those that I’ve hurt?

Why did you allow me to realize how to set aside childish things?

Why have you been instrumental in making me the man that I am today?

Why do I dream dreams so vivid that it has sometimes become difficult to tell my reality from my dreams?

Why have you blessed me beyond belief?

You said it best, God, “I am that I am”

And since you be who you be, I’m going to appreciate you for you and keep on doing me.


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