Just a Seed

Thu, 06/27/2013 - 21:09 -- JianTao


Birthed by the Earth,

God planted me here.

I've grown not much

throughout these long years.


Roots settled in,

My stalk began to rise.

As a fragile bud, though,

I turned from sunrise.


Withering before living,

My leaves began to curl.

I crumpled, I thirsted,

'til The Maker gave me a whirl.


He watered my base

and He loved me with care.

Ensuring I sprout

with His passionate flare.


Enriched by his love,

empowered by His word,

I broke out of the ground,

my cries, at last, heard.


So I continue to grow

away from the wretched soil.

I've been blessed with petals

shielding me from past turmoil.


Grateful am I

that He who took so much care.

My gardener, my hero,

proved He will always be there.


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