christian witch

Unable to find the term: Christian witch

a contridiction

story of my life

I am both

and for beleving in my God I feel other witches have a harrd time teaching me

I feel for my craft those who are supposed to love our siblings will hate me

I know I live in sin

They do to

My craft is a way to be closer with God

It is a way for every place to be as holy as any cathedrel. 

I have felt more connected to God sitting on this bed reading my tarrot

than I did in the grandest church I have ever seen

What does it mean to be a Christian Witch?

it means I pray more

each intention I set is a prayer

Drinking tea each night and stirring as I pray and now, I have a potion

A Christian Witch is taking time for rest during Yule 

But carrying through the tridition of Christmas

It's Moon water sprayed before I sleep

Tarrot reading after I pray so I can be guided by God

and feeling grounded to the world

but being exited to make it to heaven

Being a Christian witch is hard

because there is nothing here for us 

and I can't see why

This poem is about: 
Our world


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