Originality of a Christian

Being who you are in this day and time, 

is looked on as being original 

or being independent.

Throw in the mix of knowing exactly what you want to do in your life, 

and knowing where you are going when you die,

 and you have the perfect person that I wish I could be.

Do not get me wrong, I know where I am going when I die, 

but that doesn't mean I do not doubt it every day.

Being someone with the capacity to have so much room for faith, and willingness to accept that there is a higher being

that created the whole entire earth, 

I am finding it hard to maintain this sense of passion in a world 

that is refusing to accept even the sheer beauty of an unborn child's life. 

Being original in your walk with God is not about making sure that other people see you doing it, 

so much as it is about doing it for yourself. 

Being different from other people because of your faith should be what makes you stand out, not 

What makes you want to crawl back inside of yourself. 

Being in the church since before I could speak, I know what I am called to do on Sunday mornings, 

But I want this relationship with Him to be more than just a mental acknowledgement. 


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