Money Aint Everything


United States
40° 53' 19.4604" N, 73° 50' 52.0332" W

I'm too young to have a stressed mind
If money wasn't real we would have less crime
Cause of banks we got bodies full of hollow clips
Put the money in the bag and run like a politic
Life ain’t soft I pray in the rough
If you sinning everyday then you ain’t praying enough
God don't wait he got time like a G-shock
Ever act salty he'll hit you in your sweet spot
From a girl to a lady from a man to a gent
Everybody want a dollar without making sense
If moneys that good would you shoot a guy
Put a suit and tie
Sell drugs like superfly
Cause if money is a disease then I need the antidote
I'll pray on my knees keep the hammer close
I'm trying to be a cop not trying to be a ref
Money can't make life but money do cause death
For every one door money wants two keys
I'm with the lord he spoke life and he Drew Brees
Money is a season like Thanksgiving is to November
Money is for the moment but God is forever


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