The Execution of a Dead Man


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The stress of perfection showed upon my face as I gazed at my reflection, but I wasn't perfect. I had become a master of deception, writing lies in the book of life all to create a false perception. I used love in this obsession, like a prince offering strength and protection I put on the mask of an angel and so began my fall from heaven. As with maggot filled meat flies soon began to buzz in every direction. Through my stench I could make out the connection. In the clarity of a sobering humiliation I began to unearth a buried confession. Some may call it a conscious, I say it was divine intervention.

Now I could see myself for what I truly was, a monster bent on consuming the hearts of doves. A wolf dressed in wool only armed with a gun and when shots rang out my bullets pierced the heart of love. Unlike OJ my hand slid perfectly into the glove, but this trial my soul was to be judged. Like an addict compulsively killing for drugs, my hands were covered in innocent blood, no more excuses no where to run. With my final statement I cried out for God.

That's when my eyes became fixed on The Lord and as promised He came wielding a double edged sword. Floor colliding with knees my self inflicted misery was relieved by a crisp clean cut from the kings guillotine.

As my head rolled my soul was reborn. From grace giving flight to wings that are torn, with humility to pick up my mat and stand an imperfect form, faith to be thrown to the furnace without being burned.

You see He came for people like me. A tax collector taking the starvings bread money, a banished man skin festering with leprosy, Peter crying out "Lord!" as he sank into the sea, Paul martyring disciples in attempts to silence a liberating decree, the blood thirsty shouts of "crucify!" as soldiers drove stakes through flesh into the tree.

So if you are still questioning why I choose to bear witness. Its not from something I heard on the sabbath in the heaven and hell preaching business, but because I have been to hell and when there enlisted in a blasphemous army of demons. That is where I experienced the power of love when I was blessed by the sword of Christ Jesus.
In this way I am free.


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