Beyond the Obvious

It’s too small of a planet

To say Earth is everything,

To say the stars are there for beauty

And the moon is there for peace.


It’s too great of a world

To say God is false,

To say we humans are by accident

And His details aren’t distinct.


It’s too sound of a time

To say life is worthless,

To say love is only a word

And happiness is a myth.


It’s too bare of a moment

To say joy is lost,

To say everything is nothing

Despite all of its awesomeness.


Because life is more than blood and heartbeats.

Because atoms are more than small.

Because mind is more than thoughts and consciousness.

Because God created it all.


It’s too slow of an age

To say the world is ending,

To say smiles are a waste of time

And only success is important.


Because a blessing exists in even the smallest drop,

Despite all of our scorn and negligence.



This poem is about: 
Our world


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