A Melody on the Strings of Life

A Melody on the Strings of Life


Dicey strings loom ahead on that enormous stage,

I tremble, terrified of onlooking eyes.

Piscine pissed upon, I think to myself,

cookie-cutter, ugly-colored, failed fallopian.


I could quit, sweaty palms and heavy arms, Eminem-esque, like a 

lemon, melanin silenced. Cowardice never seemed so 

succulent. Failure never seemed so 



Yes, I could run — 

but I can’t. 

Surreptitious sin got us into 

this mess in the first place. 


No. Amidst my dread and uncertainty 

I’m compelled to return to the symphony 

we were made for — magnificent

beings, images of greatness, sons and daughters.


I walk onto those indefinite strings,

embracing my fragility.

My melody rises like chai, taut and tempered,

beautiful and mysterious.

Musical meaning resounds and 


is in awe of His faintly veiled glory

and peace. 


  • Jonathan Sunkari 

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