Heaven's Dependent


My raging heart was tortured by my demented flesh

Temptations tried to eat my soul for evil

I was trapped in sin with no more rest

For a moment, I believed there was no Healer


Left and right I'd search for a cure

A cure for my never ending sorrow and pain

My hope was at loss for I thought my time was due

My grace and spirit were about to drain


My fleshly desires imprisoned me in my own accord

Punished myself for I didn't know my Rescuer

But then the mighty Creator whispered,

"The Lord is your shepherd."


For a long time, I ignored the Voice

Let myself believe that there's exit no more

Let myself believe that I had no choice

Afraid of what the evil had in store


I was binded in lust and greed

Fed the drooling wolf in me

I declared, "Tomorrow, I shall change."

I woke up and realized I was still the same


Once again, my Savior tried to rescue me

Introduced me to His Kingdom for my sake

And once again I turned my blind eye

Treated every Holy thing as fake


"I am with you."

I'd hear His voice at the back of my mind.

"I will save you."

The voice I chose to decline


The devil drove me away from God

But God loved me so much that He continued chasing me

A love so great, you'd think He'd give up

But for my sake, He fought the Devil and carried me


Then the moment came when God used an instrument

A man of God who's not ashamed of the Word

God used him to bring me back to His Kingdom

Up to this day, that moment seems like a blur


For many times, the Lord tried to save me

For many times, I tried denying Him

But His love for me is so great that He never stopped

Now my love for Him is so great, that I'll rely on Him


There is no turning back

One's love for the Lord should be made of pure honesty and admiration

He will fill me of what I lack

I am Heaven's dependent, Jesus is my inspiration


Now I am not ashamed of His Word

For the Lord said, "Ask and you shall receive."

I learned how to trust Him with my life

For God will never fail me


Winning or losing is not the purpose of this piece

But it's sharing that everyone has ups and downs

If you let yourself hear His voice

Then He'll definitely raise you and live in peace.


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