Victims vs. Survivors

Words are definitive in the walk of a Christian

Our words are just as important as our actions in this mission

But two words define our place in Jesus

Declaring whether or not you have the right vision

It is if you are a survivor of your circumstance or rather a victim

Some of you are looking at me wondering what’s the difference

See the survivor has beaten their circumstance

And the one that succumbed is the victim

Now I am going to bet that no one has really asked themselves this question

But I’m praying that these words teach you a spiritual lesson

See it’s hard to claim to be saved and claim to walk in his ways

Blasting Tye Tribbett and Kirk Franklin all through the day

Retweeting every Christian post on Facebook and Twitter

And how you’re still not whole I can’t seem to figure

Granted I’m preaching to myself because I too have allowed the enemy to keep me down

Ignoring all the blessings in front of me and denying my crown

Choosing to remain to lost, despite the countless times I’ve been found

And through all of this I begin to calculate in my mind

Why is it that “saved” people repeat this cycle countless times?

Why do some of us choose to stay in a victim mentality?

Reject peace in our lives and instead embrace the fatality

And what really trips me out is that victim formality

Have the audacity to post on social media how good God is

Not realizing that they’re just putting on a false image

See their actions make absolutely no sense

And their self sabotage comes at such a great expense

Because it’s hard to preach healing in the blood to those who don’t know

But then they see that you stagnate and refuse to grow

You put it on the altar claiming to want to release your burdens

But the next day grab the same chains and go back to hurtin

I mean really

It’s like a slap in the face to Jesus when we choose to remain in the same situation

That he endured so much to free us

But there is another group that defines the very purpose of a saint

They are the ones who endure it all but still refuse to faint

They are the ones who stare death in the face and live to tell the tale

The ones who truly mean it when they say God never fails

They are the spiritual champions and the greatest fighters

Because through God they pressed on and chose to be survivors

The survivor testifies about all of God’s good and focuses on what He has done right

Claiming more than their past and claiming positivity in their life

See Jesus is a survivor because he faced persecution in the land

Remained perfect and sinless no matter what was at hand

And though we are far from perfect we still need to stand

Because God works for us

Never against us and favor is a part of his plan

And I get that being a survivor is definitely not easy

The road of a true Christian is rocky and sometimes it makes you queasy

We may not always locate him in the storm but we must remember

“He sees me”

And the enemy tries to trap us and put us in spiritual prisons

He tries to infect our mind with helplessness and keep us as spiritual victims

The victims see death and submit to its hold

But survivors move past death and walk into God’s gold

Christ died and went to hell to tell death let them go

And now we are excused from a punishment we were about to know

Now I’m begging all of us to look inside of ourselves and do some reflection

Think about God’s goodness and His protection

Those that are lost need to see examples of warriors who have earned their stripes

They need to see the survivors that choose to have life

They are soldiers in God’s army making a certain scripture gain fame

“To live is Christ and to die is gain”

And I’m not just saying dying in the physical since

I’m saying we die to our sin daily

And get off of that lukewarm fence

We can’t come to church and sing songs saying “I need you to survive”

But then do nothing to help each other stay alive

Now if you have a victim mindset

You don’t have to remain the same

But you have the ditch that victim title

And put on a survivor name

So when you lift your hands singing hymns

Shouting praises at the top of your lungs unto Him

Running straight to the altar, desperately repenting for your sins

When you embrace the title of a Christian

You choose to escapes sin’s grips and remain alive

No more submission to circumstance

You choose to survive

God’s anointing is over you and you understand his vision

A survivor you will be

And never again a victim




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