That of my perception’s highest worth,

Things that, when absent, cause me greatest hurt,


The things that I pursued with no relent,

Believing that, when caught, would bring content,


The things I ran for miles to obtain,

But when finally held, brought only deepest pain,


That which I thought would fill my every need,

But only my deepest sorrows, served to feed.


For when I left the road so rarely tread,

I was unconscious to the noose slipped on my head,


And while I walked the path of sin’s deceit,

The snares of Satan wound about my feet.


I did not dare to pause for innocence,

Or cast a thought to future consequence.


 I wish that I had thought to heed,

The Biblical description of my need.


Instead, I acted out of selfishness and pride,

And now attempt, with ignorance, to hide,


The actions for which I now am too ashamed,

To even think to call my Savior’s name.


And in this way, it is that I am chained,

By all I thought, with foolishness, was gained.



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