Real Life

The flesh surges under my skin

Demanding I be someone other

Demanding I seek my own pleasure

Bow to the whim of father or brother

But certainly I've done everything

I knew how to do.

But as my own steward

As my own keeper

I will surely fail You.

So take my life,

This sacrifice

The bones the flesh the blood

Take my spirit

Take my soul.

Whatever makes me, me

Father You can have me.

The flesh boils and writhes and cries

Demands to be let outside.

But I am not strong enough

To keep it locked away.

Better to just fall asleep

And let the flesh out to play.


My flesh is weak

My spirit fails

But You gave everything

And that entails

The wire cutters

And the broken lock

That freed me.

I am not a slave to sin

I am not a child of dark

I am Christ's bondservant

But, forgive my rebellious heart.

For everything I've ever done

Since birth til now, and maybe beyond

Has been to please myself.

But You call me to a new way of life.

One, not just of sacrifice


Real living, real giving

Real breathing, seeing, knowing

So I will keep on going

To the foot of the Cross

to die.


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