I am a Christian
I'm Saved, Free, I'm Redeemed
I am a Redeemed Christian
The Lord Jesus is my ultimate model
Where on the cross
His sacred precious blood was shed

I'm a Christian
A Redeemed Christian
You say nothing is free
Yes this freedom today, wasn't really free
It had a Price and it's been paid for
Christ paid it in my stead
Risked his life got accused, convicted and sentenced
For a crime he didn't commit
Just to redeem even my deepest sin
Ask why?
It's grace

I'm redeemed
Redemption I met at the cross
I'm washed
I've had a taste of grace
So no one should persuade me, talk me, force me or drag me
Cos I won't go back
You can't have a taste of light and still be OK with darkness

I'm free
No more basking in slavery, behind bars
So no need to replay, remind me, accuse me,
Of my awful horrible past
When my God has already told me it never happened
It's wiped out, forgiven, forgotten
I'm new, set free, restored, made whole
Washed with the blood of Jesus Christ
Now clean
Totally redeemed

I'm Redeemed
I'm a product of his love
Love that bleeds out
Love that has bled
Grace, it instills into my marrows
You see it in me
Overflows through my eyes
Not tears of regrets but tears of joy Joy of freedom
Total Redemption

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