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In the realm of doubts, an Atheist's plea,  Amidst the solace faith can bestow,  Why shun Catholic, Jewish, Buddhist decree,  That offers solace when the night's shadows grow?
You were greedy and it was your downfall.You went to Las Vegas and you lost it all.You lost seventy thousand dollars in one day.Your wife took the children and went away.
" MOON LIGHT" 🥀🥀 We living as stars . ✨ But only we don't fall, all night ball, like stars ✨ we own all night under the moon 🎑 light, charging my Star light. I wanna shine bright .
   PrWhy must I carry the heavy burden of knowing how financially draining I am? Why do I have to be told how much money I’m wasting while still freaking out over exams? I know I’m a burden, that I understand,
Some call him lazy and his wife calls him a jerk.His wife is very angry because he will not work.He won't get a job even though he's an able-bodied man.Her husband refuses to get a job even though he can.
Christmas is not only about joyIt is also about getting new toysIt is about enjoying lifeThough not solely about nice gifts.
Laying in bed, Conflicted, Sleep not entering your head, Twisted.   Thinking of what, Tomorrow brings, Thinking of what, Tomorrow could lead.   It's a Step up, 
When I had a car accident several years ago, I had quite the scare.My brakes went out and I crashed and I'm confined to a wheelchair.I'll never walk again, I'll be in this wheelchair for the rest of my life.
                                                        No loyalty No royalty No unconditional love No clean white dove Life is full of shocks, locks
Les roses, les fleurs et les bouquets L’amour, l’honneur, le respect et la paix Les vers, les poèmes et la littérature
You don’t miss me And me neither Missy Life is full of shocks and surprises To the foodies, everything is about business
Rich indulgences entertain rich feelings I don't want to spend without sentimental meaning   But I require food, and clothes upon my body So despite my beliefs, I buy all those things shoddy  
I make money that is not real.I love to make counterfeit bills.I have a contact who steals the paper that the government makes.My counterfeit money looks like the real thing, I make no mistakes.
Now I’m A Hip Hop Guy But DON'T Rock Mics’... !!! Cos ‘When It Comes To My Rhymes I PREFER To... ROCK MINDS... !!! Because What I Write Reflects On This Life... NOT Trying To Flow Tight Or Playing The TOUGH Guy... !!!
Now I’m NOT Trying To Be Funny... But My Artistry Is CLEARLY NOT For DUMMIES... !!! The Types Who Think That Life Is JUST LOVELY... Because They Have Money... !!! So Have NO LINK To The One That’s UGLY... !!!
It Seems That MANY Place WEALTH... On A HIGHER Shelf Than Their Personal Health... ? So I Guess They Can’t Tell That This May Not Serve Well... ?!? ESPECIALLY Now That Corona’s Around... !!!
Well Now It Seems That There Is NO DOUBT... !!! That Humanity Is Being DROWNED... !!! By Government Clowns And New Tech Sounds... !!! That Have Folks Running Round With Rather LARGE Frowns... !!!
In These Days And Times It Seems That Minds Are Inclined... To Plead IGNORANCE When It Comes To The Plans of These Government Clans... So Are Dipping Their Heads That’s Right... IN THE SAND... !!!
They’re Out For THEMSELVES... !!! They’re Out For THEMSELVES... !!! You Can Tell If You Properly Give Them A... Smell... !!! And Because of Anomalies In What They SELL...
Now If YOU Could SNAP Your Fingers... ? And Make Change That Would LINGER... !!! What Changes Would You Make... ? To Make This World A BETTER Place... !?! Would You Create ONE Race...
Ya Know I Used To Use Dots... Or What's Called Ellipses To Connect My Scriptures... But Now Use Squiggles To Connect The Lyrics That I Sit And Scribble... So I DO Connect Dots With Rhymes I Jot...
Okay These Days... It’s Now CLEAR To Me That A Lot of Ladies... MUST BE Followers of These Racist Teams.... Because It AIN'T Borrowers Who Get Their Pussies... !!! Now By This I Mean That It’s The Colour GREEN... !!!
Todays’ Speed of Life Is More Than Trife... !!!!! In Fact Like A Rifle It Can Quickly Stifle Or Shake Like Trifles... !!! When Stability’s Made To Make UPGRADES... Just To Keep Pace With Life Today... !!!
Okay It’s Fair To Suggest That My Poems... Cast Out A Very BIG NET... !!! That Causes UPSET To IGNORANT Men... As Well As YES... Women... !!! But DON'T BLAME ME If The CAP Fits YOUR Head... !!!
Ya Know I Think It’s Fair To Say... That PUPPETS Reign The World TODAY... !!! From Heads of State To Those Making CLAIMS... That They COMMAND The Stage... With WORDPLAY ARRAYS Befitting of... “ A SAGE “... !?!
Well It’s Quite CLEAR That... ... “ The Inside Track “... Is Where You Find BIG CASH... !!!
Well Well Well..... It’s CLEAR The HARDEST SELL... Is Where REALITY Dwells... !!! But It Does Seem That Media Teams... Choose To Sell REALITY When It Brings TRAGEDIES... !!!
Ya Know I Just CANNOT Do It... Refuse To Now USE IT... !!! Wordplay and Good Music With Spoken Word Movements... Because I’ve Been STRUCK By An Arrow of... " Cupid’s "... !!!
Waiting Waiting... Always WAITING.... !!! After A While Becomes FRUSTRATING... !!!!! Like Waiting For A Train That’s Gonna Make You LATE... !!! Because It’s Been............. DELAYED...
Now I’m OFF THE ROCKS NOT... On The Rocks... !!!!! Cos We NEED TO Put A STOP... To ALL THIS ... “ Look what I’ve got ! “... Diamonds For TYRANTS And Gold For LOST SOULS... !!!!!
There CLEARLY Are... " TWO Pools " ... !!! The One Where Artists FUEL Creations That Are COOL... !!! And The ENTERTAINMENT School Where Art Now Gets ABUSED... !!!! These Days THESE... " Entertainers "...
Okay So I’m An... Old Timer... Whose A POWERHOUSE Rhymer And TOP NOTCH Rhyme Designer... So I’m NOT Like These Grimers’... !!! Or One With One Liners Like Great Battle Rhymers... !!! Or One Who Now Mumbles...
MAN I Do It Just Like It's... " AUTOMATIC "... WITHOUT That Static That Can Make Things TRAGIC... !!! In Fact It's Quite FANTASTIC The Way I Lyrically DAMAGE... !!! Jerks Whose Verse Clearly Lacks THAT MAGIC... !!!!!
Ya Know It Seems To Be TRUE... !?! When It Comes To THE TRUTH.... And How You Use Artistic Grooves... Less Is MORE Nowadays For Sure... !!! I've Been Told These Words By VARIOUS Herds....
Now It's Simply My Vibe... !!! But Now I Believe That The Price Is TOO HIGH... !!!! To Have That HOT Wife Whose Got Those FIRM THIGHS... And Boobies SO FINE That They Actually BLIND... !!!!!
Here again, i'm cradled by the unreleasing arms Of the white, shot sun's grim descent It always finds me frantic, unprepared I try to talk myself into some kind of world of understanding Find empty auditorium seats
Is it ... Coincidental ... ? That SELL Is A Word That Rhymes With HELL ... !?! Or ... Consequential ... With Joining Herds Who Forever Dwell ... Down Below Cos' Their Price Was Low ....
T’was the middle of the day and all was about. All were awake, except for one snout.   Throughout the busy city and the peaceful neighborhood, 
RICHES Riches isn't all about materialization. Richness is lifestyle and divine. The most valuable thangs are invisible to the naked eye.
I Think Nowadays It's Fair To Say... You NEED To REALLY... ... " Know Your Place "... !!!!!
Now When It Comes To What People DESERVE... There Are LOTS of Words That Should Be OBSERVED... !!! Because MANY Are Called But Are Part of The HERDS... Whose Lives Are Reserved To Get Their Just Deserts... !!!
Ya Know Peoples’ Behaviour’s... Getting... Stranger And STRANGER... !!!
Th0se thìn'z that has t0 d0 with tha devil th0se thin'z that has t0 d0 with bullshii'z Damnit fuckin' ryte fuck the mudafuckin' bitchez fuck fake tricky snitch bitches.
MONEY "Money is toxic it drives the fool, but the sage maintain his lot." #c9_fm
MONEY Money is good, it acquires many thangs especially it gathers fake people around. But when it gone most friends pisses off. #c9_fm
MONEY "Money in one's life is motivation, the lack of it causes life dispersion. " #c9_fm
So Nowadays It Seems That WE Should All BELIEVE... That ONLY Presidencies That Now Rule CURRENTLY... Are Those FILLED With ..... EXTREMES ...... !?!
The Dreamer I can't give up still I keep my head up. Living my life in dream what can I do? Trying to survive in this tough game.
Road to glory is bumpy lumpy. Gory to walk 🚶 in glory. Road to Achievement always seems obscure but an enthusiastic makes it obvious. Plus determination,
I wish I be a winner, for I've came a long way & still I got so far to go being a racer. Ride all day I think I lost my way. But love on my mind ain't a player.
I Now KNOW What It Is To Be A FRUSTRATED ARTIST... !!!! I May Not Be The FASTEST With Lyrics That I Kick... Or Deemed To Be The HARDEST Because of Scripts I FLIP... !!!
So Who’s REALLY CLEAN In Our Societies... ?!? When It’s Clear Now That Money Is MOSTLY... DIRTY... !!!! Now By This I Mean That It’s Made By Teams... Who Are Prone To Deceive And Are Mostly WEALTHY... !!!
Ya Know I Pride Myself in Being... WAY ABOVE The... " Average "... The... " Average Joe "... With... " Average Flows "... The... " Average Bloke "... Who SNIFFS That Coc'... !!!
Ya Know It's CLEAR The Subject of WISDOM... Requires Lyricism That's Bred From THOUGHT And THINKING... !!!!!
I’m A... Marshal of Reality Verse... So REMOVE The ABSURD... From The Words of Big Virge... !!!
So I’m A... High Calibre Weapon... !!! Who Writes Lyrical Lessons Constructed To STRENGTHEN... Our Need To Pay ATTENTION To... Social REGRESSION... !!!
" So What Makes You Tick "... ??? For Some It's Simply... Being FIT... And Living Life To RAISE Their Kids... But Some Live Life To Hurt Their Kin... ?!? And Follow Paths That Lead To SINS... !!!!
Ya Know ... We CAN'T ALL BE ... ... Artistically Free ... !!! It’s A FALLACY To Truly Believe ... That Artistry... Truly Deals In FREE Speech ...
One Day A Friend Said To Me.... “ Your Thoughts Big V, are deep and ample, but to get them through to people, you should try a different angle ! “ By This She Meant My Presence Is LARGE And My Words Hit HARD... !!!
My wife and I both worked at a video game store.They closed and we're not working there anymore.They closed their doors because of this damn Coronavirus.We're unemployed and no other businesses are willing to hire us.
So What's The... " DEAL "... With Those Who Use Drugs To Make Their Lives Run... ??? By This I Mean... How Do DRUGS Make Lives For THUGS... ?!? And BUILD THEIR... " KINGDOMS "... !?!
So The Forecast Today... I’m AFRAID... Is For Reigns... The Reign of New Tech.... And Reigns of IGNORANCE... !!!
Now YOU MUST Know The Saying ... ... "Opinions and Assholes, are one and the same !" ... EVERYONE's Got One Even If They Are ... LAME ... !!!!!
Yes, the finely floating feathers Floating in the sky One of the feathers Even caressed my eye! Ye olde agua,  Frozen is dismissed. Oh, my dear Elsa! Let us dance, dance,  Forever more.
MAN What Is It With ARTISTS... ?!? When It Comes To The Markets... Where They... Wanna Be SEEN... !!! SEEING Money... And Their ARTISTRY... REACH The Peeps' Who They're TRYING To Reach...
So Are You A... Risk TAKER... ? Or One Who Plays... SAFER... ? Than Those Whose Flavour Prefers MISBEHAVIOUR... !!?!! The Reason I Ask Is Because It's QUITE A Task... To Make Your Mark If Your Thing Is... ART... !!!
So It Seems That GREED... Is Part of The Disease That Corona Breeds... !?!
So Things Have STEPPED UP Now ... To What Clearly Amounts To A ... GLOBAL Lockdown ... !!! Cos We’re Facing A War ... UNLIKE ANY Before ... !!! But Who’s Really Sure What They’re Fighting For ... ???
When we were young We were so childish We loved to dream To sing, to dance And never worried about a thing
So Fellas What's The Price You're Prepared To Pay … To Spread Her Thighs And Get That … LAY … !!?!!
So ..... " Coronas All Around ! " ... Is Now The NEW Sound ... !!! But I DON'T MEAN ... BEERS ... !!!
George Lammings' Definition Inspired THIS INSCRIPTION ... Which Delves Into Descriptions of SLIME Within Our Vision ... !!!
Money is reigning!   All the false teachings of this world,teach you; the most important thing is money.   Everybody has understood itnot just who did not find it yet.  
So What Does It Mean To Be .... " Corrupt " .... ?!? Well These Days It Would Seem ... A Good Place To Start Is Within GOVERNMENT ... !!!
Ya Know You'd Be SURPRISED ... !!! By What You FIND Resides Inside Some Peoples' Minds ... !!!! In Some It's CLEAR Their Thought Waves Steer ... To Fallacies Hypocrisy Thoughts of GREED or Cash Money ....
So What Does It Take To Be A Corporate GREAT ... ??? Do You Need To Be A Snake Who's ALWAYS On The Make ... ? Or Be Like TRUMP And Have Apprentices Run ... Through Hoops And ... JUMP ... !?!
Well Nowadays … It Seems To Be Getting To … Quite A FEW … !!!!! Well Actually There Are Multitudes … Now Taking ABUSE From Those Who CLEARLY RULE The Roost … !!!
From China To Some U.S. States ... And CLEARLY NOW ... In The UK ... Many Choose To Live ... " Behind Closed Gates " ... But The Word MANY ... " EXAGGERATES " ... !!!!!!
What Would You Do... " Just To Get Paid ... ? Make Shady Moves or .... " ENTERTAIN " .... !!! Well It Seems Nowadays That Many Try ... !!! By ... Playing The Game of ...
you taste too much like money the kisses aren’t sweet  less and less like cherry  no longer smooth like cream   love exchanged for luxury silver plaited rings cold the tang from fingers bloody
It Can't Be Good To Hold The View ... That I'm A CROOK Because My Top Has Got A Hood ... !?! The Weather Now Can Be Quite FOUL ... !!! WITHOUT An Umbrella I Could Be DROWNED ... !!!!!
Do You Ever Wonder ... ? Why So Many Men Hurt Their Human Brothers ... ?!? Or As Time UNFURLS What's With These Girls ... Who Rush To Have Children They Don't Want To Mother ... !?!
Poor Tony Blair His Job's Been A STRESS ... !!! Well That's A Shame ... !!! If He Wants Sympathy For Stress He Feels ... He's NOT Just STRESSED He's Going INSANE ... !!!
How Tough Has Life Become These Days ... ?!? Violence REIGNS With PAIN And STRIFE ... !!! You NEED To Be TOUGH To Just SURVIVE ... !!!!! Prices ... riSE ... !!!!! That's No Surprise And Is NO LIE ... !!!
Are You The ... "Top Man" ... ??? Or The ... "Middle Man" ... ??? Or The Man below Wanting To Be Them ... !?! I'm NONE of These I'm Simply ... ME ... !!!
Money is given not earned, Dumpsters serve as restaurants, Fountains as bathtubs, Shoes are their tires, Makeshift shelters as home, No family but fellow brethren, And no dept because most already paid.
Shall we continue searching for the end of the rainbow? Or appreciate the majesty of the colored lines The pot of gold might change your financial situation But don't we learn more through difficult and arduous time?
So Many CLAIM They Want To HELP ... !!! But Seem To Me To ... " Help THEMSELVES " ... !?! From Charities To Families ... Who Help Long After ................... " TRAGEDIES " ..... !!!!!
Isn't Less Sometimes MORE ... ? Those Words Sound GOOD If You're NOT POOR ... !!! But Money DOESN'T Give You ... " LIFE " ... And Life Is NOT Defined By PRICE ... !!! But Is That ... RIGHT ... ?!?
If You LIKE Coc' REMEMBER This Quote ... !!! You May One Day Just End Up Broke ... !!! COCAINE Gives Lows As Well As ... " Highs " ... And Has DESTROYED Some Peoples' Lives ... !!!!!
So ... Is It Wise To ... " Commercialise " ... ?!? Just To Get A Short Lived Prize ... ??? Where's It Got Us ... ? Showing LOVE To YES ... FAKE Thugs ... !?!
When I was younger, the word was foreign I knew of toys and candyland, monopoly and littlest pet shops  As I grew older, the word became a faint whisper  because at that time, my oldest sister was going to college.
They're ... TRYING IT ... They're Playing TRICKS ... !!! They're Doing Things To Make Me QUIT ... !!! "Your role will change,we'll re-arrange, your work schedule, and change your day !"
Let Me Tell You Something ... !!! My Nerves Are Near .... .... COMBUSTION .... !!!!! Cos' These Days People .... Seem To Think it's Cool ... To PUSH My Buttons ... ?!?
Conspiracy ... ??? Theory ... ??? Or .... REALITY ... ?!? This Is A Dilemma ... That Needs CLARITY ... !!!
Redundancy Is ... A Horrible Thing ... !!! But ... Who Are The Ones ... ? That Most FEEL THE STING ... ?!? THOSE Who CONTROL .... The Employment ... " Bullring " ... ?!?
I'm SICK Now of Hearing ... This Word ... " Compromise " ... !!!!!
He was always warned That riches destroy But how can such greatness Turn out so sour? It brought prizes and happiness
You know it seems that through life Propaganda and Lies are fed by those guys who wear corporate ties So ... DON'T be surprised if your life seems contrived
You and your ideas of luck and things that sad men sing and empty rooms bleed. There really wasn’t any need for you to be kind,
You do not need a second job My mother used to say But ma I’ve got this mouth to feed And bills I’ve got to pay.      Isn’t one enough for you To land you on your feet?
Pinch Fears make you pinch Your eyes And The corners Of your mouth   Fears are weird And
Power  It isn't held within those who can afford it  Power  Is being the one to stand up when no one else does Power 
Money doesn’t grow on trees Which was clearly hard for me to see I’d ask my mom to buy for me
The value of Salt,  Gold,  Nickels, Coppers, Buck skin, Cotton paper,  Shells   Should not be valued as much as Love, Family, Friendship, Trust,
I no longer need my mom’s help Phone bill and food all paid off by myself Ordering at least three pairs of shoes My mom now doesn’t have a single clue  
A hard wood high chair was where I sat It is uncomfortable now but not at the age I was at I looked around the room and saw many people eating It was another Saturday night and we were having a family meeting
Do you ever just let your eyes wander,Let them sift along, searching for purpose?At once it appears, no time to ponder,On no account have I been so nervous.Nothing could fully prepare one for this;
You don't know what you're talking about. Stop acting like you're smart. Those statistics are all lies. You can't trust anyone. Stop talking to people. You have to keep it all a secret.
Heart racing, feeling uneasy, not sure what to do. I ask my mom, "help"? 
My evil stepmother and I became lovers and we killed my dad.We did it so that we could get all of the money that he had.We were greedy and we made sure that Dad would Rest in Peace.
Money and faith can move mountains Money and effort can make time Money and love can be a fountain For all time.
When Time was There   It’s not about the money, Not about the price, Not about the hatred growing up on the rise
Bread in which we receive  will not give up until we have indeed. Not looking for handouts but maybe FAFSA can, without a doubt in search of employment  might take away my enjoyment 
I'd trade all my dollars to plant flowers and trees in a world where money has become a disease.
Really good to get, Consistency, Wrapped in bed feeling, Warmly.   Slowly drifting off, Peacefully, That cosy sensation, Securely.   Difficult time before with my sleep,
Money is a  necsessary eveil they say it is a means to live a means to survive. But it tears us all apart, turning us into work crazed machines that are at eachothers throats over what?
It sucks that being in a relationship you have to give your everything   Your time, your will, your heart   You are left vulnerable and open  
Two tiny turtles placed in a plastic shoe box at the corner of a cabinet Their quality of life is equal to their cheapness of the quality box
Nine year old me,  wrote how she hated to be,  enclapsed in a world,  full of misery.    Thirteen year old me, hated to see how the world,  percieved women to be.   
We live in a world so corrupt, evil, and gross That countries can't help themselves, let alone the ones that need it most
they say that nothing gold can stay but what about the other metals seen as precious in the eyes of man   you are my silver lining
I pray to Him, I wonder if He even hears me.   My routine: Alarm set to wake me up at 5:00 A.M. After I awaken, I play some tunes. I like J. Cole, Kendrick, Tupac, Jay, Nas…
You’ve been accepted College, university What’s a student loan?   The first two years here
Please give me money I want to go to college It is expensive   I apply daily Seemingly to no avail I need scholarships   My family is stressed I am concerned and afraid
Don't fall for the rich Please do not be deceive by the ice on their wrist It’s not genuine
Silent, hollow bodies contrived of metals Locked and held within iron cells Venting frustration upon hungry bipedals Steals, steals, steel, but nevel sells One might as well eat some flower petals.
Dear People With Money, Attending college is tough when the world ain't as sunny.   I've learned people like you make my debt appear. And it's also you who brought me great fear.  
There is a rich Wall Street investor Who is a digital wealth master. One day, crypto prices rise, Thinking that selling is wise, He lost and faces a sequester.
Bits, Bits. It's digital reaching everybody. Use money without middlemen. My bits!
Ben Franklin As he is known to the world, Is brilliant, Innovative, Admired. Americans used to know him that way too,
It's nice outside I might not hide Away I go I'll buy a box of mysteries Maybe filled with histories I wouldn't know Happened to skip a meal today Saw the bills I forgot to pay Away I go
Let me be honest, I can’t really express it, and I don’t know how I should break it down *Sigh* But ‘cause of you and the things you did, I’m happy you’re not around
I'm Into beats  That start up is sweet  So I'm ready to leap Not to compete  That's for survival  That's not a lie though  You know you gotta show How flows can leave your foes froze
666 Or 17 years of age I was 18 When you messed me up. I tried You tried Money was And is an issue, And I only got 6.66 dollars In my bank account. It sucks.
Once upon a time A group of pigs lived on the same street They were friends and despised the rich They saw their neighbor get it in a cinch   He had the cash and hid quite a large stash In a safe 
Once upon a time the was a boy in a mahogany canoe. The boy and his mahogany canoe drifted down a stream that contained memories of an individual in the water's reflections. From what the boy could percieve he saw a young
Look around you. What do you see? People passing by, rushing from one place to another Letting the worlds gift and beauty slip from their eyes They are immune to their surroundings,
Money's the root of evil. Watch how it changes people. Passing by churches and Church's Chicken poison my people. I try to remain peaceful. Feel like that's all I can be. Trying to outrun my demons.
To travel, and see the world sounds like a dream a life of excitment and twists and turns floating from place to place with no permanent home. My fairy tale, is to be a dollar. 
Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess Now we all know how this story goes but noone knows cinderella woes This story is often told from people looking in Noone knew her struggle and what she felt within
Green paperMending the handsMinds The future embarrassedStress evolvesThese numbersAnd I'm falling apartIn the disgraceThe billsThe billsThree dollars to my name
Headlines. Trump- worst president in history Trump ruined America How Trump is spending his money The truth about Trump.  Okay, so we hate Trump.  How many of us can really say why?
Everytime I need to buy a pack of gum, I take a handful of old, dead white men's faces out of my pockets. I count their dull eyes, I multiple in my head by their twisted ideologies.
Money is poison our food, water, hearts and head. They don't want us to know, but we already do. Is honesty compltetely dead?
Symptoms of evil there's no need for a cure. Just treat what you can profit  and look the other way.
She's beautiful, a well oiled machine. Her cogs, pullies, and levers flow seamlessly, but-- when she enters a room full of potential suitors... she is not seen;
Love is not about money The words you have been uttered But the main thing  You connects with me Is all about the money You call me You said you miss me But seasonal to say "I love you"
Love is sharing  Of what you have It maybe be advises It maybe time For a person Who needs it So badly like me People needs love But they don't know how They search for it
Need to get rid of it Check the price tag on your nikey shoe thats 10% of it embeded in their daily dues, bet you dont have a clue   Establish something that could keep them down
It’s complicated really, How I used to define the word complicated. A year ago if you asked me what I wanted,
Senior Year: Second semester College freshman: Second semester Prom, graduation, ditch day, freedom Fear, home sick, scared, broken A year of love and excitement
Built upon bloodshed and mass genocide maybe the color of my skin did dictate innocent lives   We probably did take it all away The culture, the land, the native beauty
Your greed flowers poisoned petals Their immaculate beauty shielding truth hunger in vacant stomachs will not quench lust for shriveled greenery will never stop and you my friend  are in chains to me  
Elated and euphoric as I read 23/25 at the top of the page YES YES YES   Worthy and filled with pride Momentarily  The shortlived victory is overshadowed by the BURN that fuels and torments
One day i’ll get what i deserve. Karma’s a bitch, and time’s an asshole, so i’ll kiss & make up with them each time i fuck up and we’ll fake nice.
I'm 20 years old and life's starting to change. Apartment in January because I'm moving away. With that comes debt. That's why I'm taking out loans. $600 a month and if that's not paid, then the doors close.
My mother always told me numbers were good. What numbers did you get this time? She told me people with no numbers are dangerous. What numbers did you get this time? It's just a simple equation.
We are always told We are worth our Weight in gold. And That's a sweet sentiment   But I don't think it's Genuine, and it implies That someone's worth is Definable by societal objects.
Baby, you’re not a million dollarsIf you were then you wouldn’t be mineYou’d be in the stores I've visitedThe restaurants I ate atYou’d be tucked away in a safe place for no one to marvel at  
2016 started off great Plenty of money and plenty of cash If only I could see my future And how it would not last Falling for someone I thought was genuine Learning his tricks and then going back to him
20 30 35 40 41 42 43 44 45 The money keeps me going I can make it all and spend it all I know it's only money paper but it's a rare paper Paper only given to those who have earned it And I've earned it
I'm not gonna lie Free college makes me happy #Here for the money  
It's mean when people make money from miseryIt's mean when people make money from my miseryIt's mean when people make money from your miseryIt's mean when peopl
"Money Makes Everybody Happy" Insecure stack buying you a backseat Sure alone to the beat dieing to the heat Let me speak  Crack goes your beak Crumbling because you weak
you must wonder why I'm here to get some money to study with peers to avoid the parties and the beers is the reason i am here   I must be honest i need some cash because my classes I need to pass
Child, I have been around for a long time. Long enough to comprehend the importance of home. As the bells in my heart chime, I remember the place where I was born. East or west, that place is best.  
Undesirable heartache. The thought of not being able to complete ones ambitions and dreams due to a little, thin, green piece of paper.
Moonlight reaches down and strokes my cheek, Waking me to her smile.   That’s what a real poet would say, right?   ‘It’s just a hobby.’  
In this day and age,      I only ever hear of one thing:           Goals. They're usually material,      Sometimes pertaining to romance,           But I've yet to find someone who wants more.
In this day and age,      I only ever hear of one thing:           Goals. They're usually material,      Sometimes pertaining to romance,           But I've yet to find someone who wants more.
Money depicts the roles of what we are suppose to be, We ourselves conform to society to show what we are suppose to be, No one is an individual because we all want to be,
The animal was suffering cruel conditionsYou may ask yourself whyThe answer lay on monetary commissions The reason thousands of animals die.  
Why Why am i writing this Why did i make an account for this random website about something i dont even like Why do i continually do this Making accounts for scholarships for hours on end
Money - that is the world's currency. Evidently, it is also the world's ecstasy - what it runs on, and sadly what can make or break a situation.
Green leads to Greed yet I gaze outdoors to discover green is synonymous with growth what does this mean we have been groomed from the first green means go chase the paper, not the dream
Where were we in that past life?    This is no run of the mill fast life   Getting up around seven and getting back past nine     Enough to make the irrational type     Practical  
All I need is success, this means I want to succeed. In whatever I do, I want to make sure I can make a difference. I would say all I need is poetry but I’m pretty sure you knew that already.
Dazzled in wealth with milk and honey flowing, I look to my face   Silk from head to toe no corn in my row but my emotions have no place   at the mountain top, success on the clock with no sense of direction
On a deserted island the one thing that I’d bring? With this answer I’m not hesitant, I want to bring with me, Some of the dead U.S. presidents.   Give me money. Give it to me more than I can count.
Money (An English Translation of my German Poem : "Geld") Laying by a tree with my head hung. Many birds fly above and I think "Why can I not fly?"   Life with no wings
I need help paying for college. Let's look at this mathematically. Now, a good college = Time x Money. Everybody knows that Time = Money. So, a good college = (money)^2
I need help paying for college. Let's look at this mathematically. Now, a good college = Time x Money. Everybody knows that Time = Money. So, a good college = (money)^2
Nowadays most people think that if you have money you have power They’re not wrong You do have power You have the power of gaining fake friends You have the power to open alluring doors to negativity
From my mothers' mouth to my unborn ears, it has always been with me. I have a song in my heart, and it is always with me. When the music stops playing, it is always with me.
If it don't make cash It doesn't make any sense Need money for rent
Money is the key  You can't live without Happiness It comes with a price   
What can we truly not live without? Its small, green and is said to make the world go round. It is what we cannot live without and what we live for. Money. It is what every one wants and works for. 
Love is not what it seems. It kick you down and break you love is kind of mean. But don't worry about love Worry about the green It'll get you it get you where you wannabe
I need college cash (break)  And for that, I need scholarships (break)  Please give me money
My college career is riding on financial aid, 7 college acceptances can all go down the drain. Only my dad is working, but there's 3 mouths to feed. Plus my older sister, nephew 
Materialism  A word descriptive of our current society A generation that's become submissive to this culture. Numb to everyone else's feeling or thoughts yet
All I need is money,  I’m told everyday,  By teachers, parents, everyone,  Just what I need to pay,  To go to school, to get to eat, 
A Business Calamity By: Jake P   Attractive to All Apparently Altering Animals Artificially At this Aside   Best of the “Bad” Bettering Beasts By Battery Believing it Brave
a true blessing they are they upgraded my eyes no more silly glasses to hide me from the outside   although they may be costly I do love them so for I'd choose sight over money
Being with you is such a treat. Tell me darling, how ever did we meet? When I look into your eyes I see nothing but love. That's when I pull you in for a sweet hug.   Nothing but you and me in my heart.
There is a time in person’s life That each one of us must conquer With no way around it Where we must lay down to rest Knowing we may never rise again   But each person Does not cease to exist
There's a river I know, in the land of the dead, where many call home, and others may dread. There's a city I know, where the parties are gold, where the liquor is silver,
All my friends are drinking their money They think it's funny Losing their money All my friends are playing with marbles don't think it's harmful losing their marbles All my friends think life is a party
I am... TeenyWide-EyedImperfect I am... BubblyPassionateImperfect I am... LovingLovableImperfect I am... MotivatedDeterminedSuccessful
Slam The doors crash shutThe lights flicker ofThe flesh escapes. Slam The tears roll downThe face turns redThe heat boils up. Slam
The advertisements on the television screenSell sex, beauty, creamsA pill for your misery“Oh, you don’t look like a photo shop lie? What’s your alibi?You should love your body naturally, but only if you look like me!”
My mom said monsters were not under my bed, Just in my head. They aren't bad but I'd rather have some friends instead.   Growing up I saw monsters in school, Monsters at work, Monsters who were cool,
My mom said monsters were not under my bed, Just in my head. They aren't bad but I'd rather have some friends instead.   Growing up I saw monsters in school, Monsters at work, Monsters who were cool,
All we own All we want We forget What we got   This stuff Not worth a penny It’s all loss See the reality   You can take my money Take my stuff
I am a juggler World class and running out of hands Losing balance as the clock applauds Violently behind me.    Time, like sleep is an unattainable luxury Something saved for the far more fortunate
"Would you consider yourself to be a fighter?" A fiesty, runty, redhead I was. From the day hair sprouted on the top of my head to the day I shook my principal's hand and recieved my diploma.
America just some island Columbus "found" in 1942 the place where we covet what doesn't belong to us where we try to obliverate what ever is not the same as us
There I sat. Writing a poem to get into the poetry slam for free.
I am that "average" person in the corner That person that you label as "asian" I am more than just my race I may be "average", but I have a drive that you will never catch up to I will succeed
It starts with the whispers  Breathed into inhabitants' ears  The chilling wind-like purrs  They spread their material fears    "There must be more money!"  The voices belonging to no one sigh 
Two copper pennies Clink in a jar. It's not enough for food. Not enough to go far. Your empty stomach Curves like those coins.
What flavor? Greed Prideful Helpful Will your throne be covered in jewels? Or rotten teeth... Stroll around in furs... Or give someone a good word... Power... What flavor?
Money. Without it you can't do much. Everybody always wish they had a bunch of it. No Brady. Money is power.
Slow down slow down No reason to get all worked up on this Take your time, take your time   Never thought you'd be worrying over this Money's a lie, it's a lie  
I’m just so tired of all this ad nebulosityBeing lectured on engine wear and motor oil viscosityBeing told I need drugs for emotional well-beingBecause I’m so stressed with all the violence I’m seeing
Fast cars, and football field yards hummingbird souls fluttering their regards to the estate's caretaker of lush green
The best thing that money is good for is that it tells us that God is who we should trust.In the Garden of Eden, God gave life to Adam after creating him from dust.
The rich are rich. The poor are poor. Those in between  Aren't there anymore.    The land of the free Isn't free without money, Which, unfortunately, 
People are laughing but I don't think it's funny.A dirty rotten crook stole my stolen money.I was very happy because I successfully pulled a bank job.But then that man pulled his gun on me and I was robbed.
Its Insanity out there, in the world, in this society we know, we love, we created. That we allow ourselves to be hated, by each other by others by something we created.
I promise to help you when your down.
Take, take, take, All you do is take Give, give, give, You struggle to give Feed your children Feed your people Allow your kind to thrive To reach the sky Allow them to shine bright
Free From everything I used to be                      Re-writing my history Picture by picture I’m finding me   I’m alright My hair plain brown, my face aged with time
Here I am yet again. Looking for a payout for college For education, for knowledge For a job, for a career, for more money Spend money to make money. Its money this and money that.
If my beloved father never started a career that required so little family commitment, I doubt I'd comprehend the meaning of matieralism. Two-hundred-fifty thousand a year without a worry,
Imagine a world without filters Where people see you for who you really are Don't worry about hiding that scar Because that is a part of who you are Be happy with yourself and forget what others think
people always want money but shit that's not what i need i dont need a three story house with a huge glaring tv i dont need six figures i just need to figure it out figure out why we're here and what life is about
Poem poem poem poem. Poem. [Tick tock] Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Oh whatever shall I write?
Twisted lies and teary eyes These news titles on the rise Wrong perspectives, strong objectives Activists are the real detectives Police brutality? Our reality? Families surviving on calamity
The rich g
Money is such an issue So much so I may need a tissue As I try to make good grades and pass my classes I have to worry about the assets that I can grab at
What if smiles were traded like currency? Service with a smile is a requisite Not a nicety Government bailouts Would nevermore distribute unevenly Vibes are consistent Zeal is flourishing
No one else Under its scrutiny Its light Because you are under it All of your faults on display Just out there Exposed And for EVERYONE to see But you must show them
Growing up, I did that. Rich friends, I have that. Successful future, I want that. We shall celebrate for ourselves, for becoming beautiful and individual.   Money is an object;
Flawless Dancer   The lights brighten and the curtain rises. I stand motionless...                          Shaking.
  You’ve turned sanctuary into hell
Life and Journey, Two different meanings One connotation. Education is extremely imortant so they say. Money will make your life easier so they say. But were we really put onto this earth,
shame and guilt is all in my face
Your eyes Benjamin, why do they droop? Why new quarter, do you feel like plastic? Why, paper dollar, are you so thin? What makes you valuable? Money.  We kill trees for corporate needs. 
  When you look for it you can’t find it.
Masks, smoke, and mirrors all illusions
Wherever I am, As long as I’m out, Over the blue waters I go To catch some trout.   But never after a full moon. That’s when they have their feasts. With the moonlight shining over the water,
it burns my pockets carrying its weight is a heavy burden i am alwa lookig for you but it is too elusive
Welcome to a world of fun A carnival of toys and guns Nobody wins, we’re quivering The only prize is you can’t leave…   All these clowns are made of masks— You become what you paint on your faces
  By: Alondra Vahan
A man used to own half of a Piggly Wiggly store.But because of a girl, he doesn't own it anymore.She was half his age and she only cared about his money.She spent all of his cash and he had to file for bankruptcy.
The time we spend with ourselves when living in a community full of so much. The money we try to save towards spending on the next new thing. The work we put into not working at all
I’m goodHow about you?“I’m good too” they sayBut I both know that’s a lie becauseLittle black numbersVerdana 11 black fontEach curved elegantly, but rigidremind me that I have nothing left
“It doesn't matter,” she tried then laughs it off  As if it doesn’t matter It could be different, but still, it wouldn’t matter to her if it did or didn’t in my eyes Cause where’s the relevance to her?
Bill Buxley was the richest man you’d see. He had stacks and stacks of money. He bought furs, cars, houses, and clubs, Tigers, casinos, shoes, and Persian rugs. But he was a vain man, never willing to share,
Money To breathe, to live
“Why? It’s too much.” Why ask me again? I already told you. Red skinned, sweet sweat lines our noses My ankle propped on yours, Eyes quizzing the other’s. We don’t have the money.   “But why?”
You cant see me now. But eventually you will. I only have a couple years here. Lurking alone in the shadows on a mission not to make it.
I am Bill Gates At least I wish to beileve that's true A high school drop out with fantasies that explains If he can do it I can do it too
We were promised gold You ruined it on yourselves Now we fight for fame
I’m told to stay in school, focus on my school work and stay out of trouble because the world is full of money hungries   I’m told to get good grades and not worry about the boys who call my name
Money, money, money For the nourishing food we eat Along with a refreshing drink And the occasional sweet treat
You can't go to war with nature. Even though man can destroy it and remold it and shape it into something profitable - mechanical - civil. It will win you over again.
How you blend in with the pave
A Bump in the Road I've learned to do things on my own Along the journey, I have grown Paths I've taken aren't always sunny It's kind of challenging being low on money.
Government officials have fallen into the chains of guilty corruption, Our endowed right is no longer the Pursuit of Happiness.  This backfires on our economic production, We the citizens have no wall of security.
From the moment I walked in those doors all you people have seen are the price tags on my clothes. You don't see the person wearing them.
Sounds chiming in my head, what Is that? I think I roll off the top bunk. THUMP! Squeak!
Money There's so much of it in the world but why don't I have any of it? Why does my family struggle so much when others have money coming out of their ears? I'm stuck trying to figure out
Class, class, class. School, school, school. They tell you this, play by their rules. You play the game, you take a roll. Throw the dice, you never know. Hoping that you land on the envied square.
Man i hate money. You know what I'm sayin' money? This stuff is too damn funny. We struggle from the womb to the tomb Just to get to this money. We dream of the life sweet as honey.
They say money doesn't grow on trees, And I never argued   For I have never seen Benjamin, Ulysses, Andrew, Alexander, Abraham, Nor George Sway, fleetly, from branch to ground.
Education is my love, to embark on a journey of truth revealed Understanding the facts and using those facts in life to change the world
Let’s do some math. If I choose to dorm at XY Hall, the price will be 18k for both semesters combined. But that's way too expensive.
I need this money, College is too expensive,
Each day it's the same It's a constant mental game   Do I work for the almighty coin? Is that where happiness and comfort join?   Does the value really exist in a dollar?
There's always a problem when applying for college - grabbing bits and coins and whatever you can salvage.   Thank goodness there's money for writing this poetry, because if it wasn't there
No matter how much we want to rebuke it, money is a big part of how we live. We need it to survive. We need it to live. We need it to persuade. Money has much power in this world,  And unfortunately,
There’s Suffering and crying, and a lot of people are still dying World leaders getting richer while their peoples bodies are piling Up to a mountainous top, corpses spewing like the steam from a boiling pot, of Genocide
Down the ground lookin' so low All i want to know will I go high, so high that I cant touch the ground? Stuck in this cage with ties that i cant abound I want to be more than this with my uniquness
Is anyone on the other side of this silent phone call? Anticipation stirs even the seventh time I dailed your number. My hope returns when I hear your voice and drops when I hear the pause in the same word.
I just can't find the right one. What am I doing wrong? They say go with the money.  I say I want to go where ever my heart desires. But I have had a personal struggle with having too little.
Teach your kids to be more than book-smart; Teach your kids to think.
I used to think that there was nothing more to life than greed three-story house, fast car, brand-name clothes were all I’d need if you asked me then, I would have believed
Money on my mind  Giving my hours away Only to spend it
Cancer, seeping through veins, clinging to bones killing our loved ones. There’s no cure, no cure they say but what billion dollar industry would forfeit their top product? 
It was a sunny frid
I love to read i loved to read before I understood the things I read and this urge for books and quills had led me to the library The time for sitting in the far corner 
   I just want to thank you for the chance to tell you about who I am and what I’m trying to accomplish. I’m assuming that even if you didn’t ask me, you must have wanted to know who I really am?
  Sweaty palms, the itchy insides of the smoky marsh pits, discolored cloudy eyes with battered Fort Knox thighs,
"Money" is such a bitter word.
One day I will be a guidance counselor One day I will be so much more But most of all One day, I will be rich   I would be the richest person in the world
Do you believe that the money and things equal progress ? when you die they will say man he could dress or man he was blessed with everything fresh.
I write because I want to write
Money. That's what the world revolves around. Not everyone is in the possession of it. We grow up taking everything for granted, while other people are wanting the desire of it. But who am I to judge? With my iphone 5 and my black new uggs?
At age 17 I didnt know where to start High school was ending and the beginning of college was not that far I didnt have clue of what dreams to pursue But I wise woman told me 'always follow your heart'
Life is like a shadow by Aymin ShataraWe chase it,it runsWe stop,it comesSun up , we goSun down, we comeNever stop, we want it bad
All you want is green All I want is to be free Life ain't worth living if you're gonna die Everyone's gonna die   All you want is green All I want is equality No sir, death bestows us first
Goverment For you we must excel But, how can we without the proper funds
College. Every young girl and boy's dream.  A place where you create your niche. And become skilled. Hopefully enough to prosper.   They build you up to it your entire life. 
Tick My likes might not excite you But they ignite me When I sit back and truly ask myself What is it that makes me come to life? What is my passion, my motivation the reason I do what I do
They're selling "dreams" for the price of your soul. Wrapped in pretty green paper,
'Money doesn't grow on trees.' that's what's always said t me but but trees are green and money greener so like a family in a dream money matters yes it does it buys you food and clothes and stuff
The chance to be free, Has always been my dream. The want to be free of debt, And the dream to have no regrets.   Applying every day, To at least two or three Opportunities to get 
Money is power.
We as human beings tend to focus on the negative instead of the positive. We usually can't help it, it's form of habit. A habit passed down since, well... forever. Sometimes though...
Over the smoky mountains and into the crystal sea, there is a God above me who looks and cares for me. So, if you're ever lonely, or if you're ever sad, just listen to this poem, and then you will feel glad.
Gold is God Worth more than us Blood and bone It's worth the loss
Revolving the world, 24/7 Rattling in people's pocket whenever they step Slowly diminishing with every purchase Working for minimum wage Not receiving enough for survival But she stands tall
Fuck first semester And financial aid and scholarship applications and just money in general. And the 3.5 I needed if I wanted to come back. And my parents. And money And society for revolving around money
As a child I wanted to become  a princes A nurse
The white sandy beaches crash against the waves as if battling for the territory of land. The birds fly through the air sending signals of impending danger to their nearby relatives.
We all want that one job. That is easy, stress free, but most of all makes us wealthy. We all want that one job,  That keeps us out of debt, we could spend whatever amount of money and still have some left.
There are lions in jungles that roar with pride. There are snakes in the grass, they're sly, they hide. There are sheep led by pastors, so fluffy and round. The wolves are just hungry, they wander around.
What can a dollar do? Pay for lunch, A car, College. Well, maybe not a dollar Though at least it helps. But while we eat and drive and learn A child dies from hunger A woman wishes
There is only one job for me And that is to be whoever I want to be It shouldn't be all about money it shouldn't be a constant feeling of "love me"  doing the right thing should be the motivation
I wake up in the morning and dread the day aheadI shower and get dressed but I dont want to be out of bed
We’ve been
The dude on the news going on about all the world but we do not really care its all about "me me me" when kids in schools cant believe in themselves  creating all the heartless hate 
Getting on that airplane must have been hard.The entire family is on one continent, and they left it.  
Why am I writing this?    Well, I filled out the forms, and I exceeded "the norm." I aced my classes I perked up my nerd glasses. I studied hard, I did what they said,
Personally I believe
College tuition Five words: way too expensive In America
Take your money and bury it down
Holding a camera, I gaze into the lense What I see is a life where I create sense For myself and others by showing them what words Cannot express. To change the views of audiences and reveal the raw
the first time i poured my heart onto a piece of paper, i made my mother cry. tears cascaded down her cheeks because my words dug in deep like knives. i realized that the world around me could vanish into a vapor,
What runs the world?Not a person,or a country,but something much more inanimate.The all mighty dollar.Something everyone one wantsand something we fight for.
You can buy alarms, locks, and keys,
If everyone were kinder
I remember the day, Back when it was all games, Back when nothing was gray And all you had to learn were names.   The years went by, The classes got harder.
Money sweet as a honey but can be stingy as a bee.  Protected by soldier of education, but only those with might can be given satisfaction Money Sweet as you may be 
When I become a lawyer, I will make my contributionsTo the field of law and society by giving a free consultation. Things happen in life that people can’t always control.So I know you'll need someone to console.
Music Is My Life, Let The Lyrics Be My Spirit,  The Melody's My Emotion,  So I'm Hoping That You Hear It, Music Is My Passion, To That I'm Truly Dedicated, I've Been Chasing My Education, 
If anything could come to mind, a job, the best that I could find, I'd take my passion- heart and soul, just to help a family grow. No matter how much time it takes late night hours with no sleep,
I'm stuck in a place that is good for me, It sucks, its hell ,it's weak to me. Academics are great, and so is the school, But the people all here act like a fool. I go to a school that's a hidden gem
When you ask a child "what do you want to be" Their answer naivee lays on the heart and warms you, The smile on your face starts to curve even higher and you think how sweet.
We are tired of being told no. Of being told "You can't do that" and "That career won't feed you"   STOP TELLING US NO,
Money doesn't grow on trees. But is what your paying for really worth it?  College is a very important step to take but why is is costing so much? Money doesn't grow on trees.    College is important. 
My pockets have been picked But why mine? They are nearly empty The paper goes as it comes in There must be a hole in there Who would do such a thing?
Washington, Lincoln, Jackson and Franklin
to say who I am feels like betrayal, for I’m never the same person twice   and oh how lovely it is to know I’m never who I was before   and for each
The numbers are swarming in front of my eyes,
It hits us! Always in the beginning we feel good, peaceful, warm. This will last forever… we always think that. It ends up to be cold, bitter and sour.
How could one shirt Be different from another? A name Can change the game, my naive brotha .   How could my pants Bring me such shame? An extra sharp design
These highway lines burn designs into my focused eyes eyes focused on a sight that blankets my mind a blanket of where only comfort resides This comfort, it's meaning, drowns my perception
money a word dripping with underlying issues a word that can bring joy or dispare
Mom's dream for child All coming true, but money The struggle, over.
An unworldly beloved girl trapped in a world of unanswered questions.
I'm hungry for pork rinds I smell it I have to buy them tomorrow or a cake I graduated today and I'm hungry hungry for money, for love, for friendship experiences a job
Transcript......Check Letters of Recommendation.....Check Application.....Check Finances.....Check Acceptance.....Check Happiness.....Pending
Society. It drives me.  Family. They guide me. Money. It rules me.  Fear. It consumes me. Hate. It alludes me.  Desire. It fuels me. 
I can relate to those who do not consider themselves' a morning person,
Green little piece of paper in hand, so thin you can almost see through it. It's been here, it's been there. Some have thrown it away, some hand it over meticulousy, almost painfully.  
Live on your knees or die on your feet; Abandon your liver or devour your lungs. Love none and have none to love back so will you Die on your knees or live on your feet?
There is another world with a strange government
I could use money; You guys give out scholarships; So give it to me; 
They say money is the root of all evil
I dream of a fun life, A life full of friends who care A life that is lived to the fullest. Before that can happen, College must happen. Before I reach the life I want to live
Stupidity is a luxury And quite frankly, Like most luxuries, Only the rich can truly afford it. Wealth, money, filthy lucre. Would you trade the world  For circular slices of metal?
You only write once that's what they say,
I get a lot more than i give So many broken promises Piled next to the bible on my night stand Its getting hard to live When i fall every time i stand So I'd rather crawl to God's right hand I can
Once they said I couldn't do it I believed They said I was a mistake and I wouldn't achieve   Are you serious? Why shouldn't I believe Haha listen I will never back down
School and Prision They're one and the same They change people's minds one day at a time School and prison There is no real difference They both make people want to escape reality  
So much rage, we don't know how to be but angry So much pain, we pry, "please don't let anyone change me!" In a sea full of people The church steeples Rises... The Hawaiian flag lowered
I scream for life to hear me, Waiting for my dreams to become reality, I just want to be heard,
 She cries into the nightAs she heads for the skyHer face is full of PainShe has nothing to gain. She cries herself to sleep
I am from the ancient foreign lands of Misawa, Japan Of the culture that flow haikus embraces the elegance of nature chime, Born of Mary and Mike who raise me to be an American dime. I am from grip tapes and paints,
Oh no!  Not now that it's so late... There's so much catching up to do. How exhausting! What a mess!  How will we ever fix it all? And Life says, "Only where entropy exists, do we, too."
Head dropped, eyes drawn to the ground A little boy too afraid to make a sound Blood colors his swollen eye But still his cheeks remain dry   Laughs echo down the hall Worsening his never ending fall
The bright ominous light as you leave the warmth and comfort of your mother’s womb You are spanked as if a reminder you are now a part of society Society A strange place isn’t it? – Yes?
See, I'm not really sure what to say. 
    Bringing among us the most unpredictable sensations,
Thank you. No, really, thank all of you. In this society with it's walls of condemnation, For those of us who aren't as great as the best of you,
My cousin Amber My cousin was Beautiful My cousin was funny My cousin was young My cousin was the best My cousin can't be replaced My cousin is gone forever My cousin was the one and only
Let's all admit: Reality is boring What I don't get Is why life is so corny? We spend everyday The exact same way Either being a bum Or working away That's not me
Happiness is a virtous gift Life of how we want to live to breathe and act  with a sense of joy and happiness although times change feelings move swiftly with the wind bring me back to that day
If time were stoppable And hypocrisy improbable I would make you understand Let you experience firsthand How to wallow in self-suffering and What it’s like to have nothing
Corn field
A thousand times I've pictured myself walking across that stage; Eyes filled with tears and a smile glistening with pride.
I woke up today Feelings were obscured My tears have not found a way Out, now I feel void of emotion I feel empty and blank
Where will they be when you need them the most... Where will anyone be when you desire companionship to feel remotely close to another being. The only voice you will find in the silence
A girl is dreaming bout the day she won't wake up screaming How can she feel like drowning while everyone else is beaming? Perfect family, perfect body, they're all cheating
So me and my statistics teacher have this thing where I ask  something, and he gives me a sarcastic answer. Yeah, it's not funny. "Hey Mr.Jones, can I use the bathroom?" Whatever makes you happy Treasure.
Welfare! Welfare! Give me Welfare! Child one, two,  three!-that's three thousand dollars for me! I'll sit at home and watch TV Forget my children and let them be I seem so sad What I'm doing is so bad
An idea pops into your head. It roams around speaking of great dreams, they seem real. Every time those eyes close, the darkness comes, that life comes to life.
Memories are all so vivid for me
All I hear is speaking in a monotone voice, sitting here with my elbows crossed 'cause I have no choice. My summer days were filled with sunshine and carefree living, while sitting in this classroom gives me a chilling.
Sometimes its like I have no idea what
They say that this is how my body should look My hips, like this My breasts, like that My legs can’t be too thin or too thick, My stomach should be flat, and my bottom round  
Never have I seen such great perfectionThe only thing I need is your affection.That smile of yours "could end wars and cure cancer"To all my worries you're the answer.
You called me baby I melted like snow in April sunlight consumed by your blue eyes you captured my arms pushed me down as  I screamed no But you covered my mouth as you called me baby 
I'll always remember a cold snowy morning in December. I awoke before seven and ran down stairs and sat by the pine tree.
I want to see a change A change in this schooli dont want to complain
When you walk through the halls and students don't know If you're a boy or a girl, and think their confusion don't show
In the absence of a father she's naive.Subject to believe anything that a man says.Subject to looking for love in all of the wrong places.Subject to giving her love, in more ways than one, too soon.
Forbes publishes “top jobs,” and the sport of Googling can easily yield endless lists of “best careers” of any given year, even those that have yet to come. These labels are slapped onto underrepresented fields,
I never knew love could make you do crazy things until I met this boy,
life. life is a chanllage everyone must face. some good some bad. life can change in an instant. life can go both ways wether you want it to or not.  life at times can be a bit of a mystery.
When you spend your life with someone You gain a special feeling of respect. That feeling is what I’ve found in you
Some things happen that I can’t explain.
I am from the Rockies moutain, from tall buildings to small houses, I am from the branch of Carmen and Clemente, from glue and paste to crayons and markers, I am the Jaquez blood i carry,
I really hate poetry, but I do like haikus. What was I saying?
As I walk through the hallways everyday, I am completely surrounded. I am overwhelmed by a sea of strange people and faces, Though some are familiar, I always have nothing to say.  
Life is like a girl with mood Swings you love her but sometimes you hate her  She is sweet and warm But at times she can be as cold as a winters breeze She is full of mysteries that you can explore 
Little girl don’t listen to that mean voice, little girl suicide isn’t the only choice. Little girl
I’ve spent so much of my life trying to conform to what others want me to be. To the stereotypes, the expectations, the judgments. And at the end of the day,
once upon a time I liked to press my fingers into the sides of my neck because it helped keep me quiet when I heard all the bad trying to sneak into my brain but as I grew and grew
Bananas are like a summers moon soft, yet bright, colorful and  delicate. They are edible boomerangs. A magnificent fruit inside a single peel. Its peel is its
I'm a 17 year old girl from Brooklyn. When I tell people that I don't say it with a smile. Instead I frown. I look down at the ground that I walk on everyday in Brooklyn I fear for my generation
Vague expressions,
There once was a homecoming game Whose affiliation I wish to declaim It made us all squirm for it starred a pachyderm. And my high school's rep became lame.  
High school has taught me lessons Both small and significant I have met people like myself Hopefully one day I'll benefit I've networked and networked, trying to find the help that I need
The little girl on the street knew how to keep a beat. The little girl on the street kept people on the edge of their seat. The older girl on the street couldn't make ends meet.
I am from being enclosed aloneFrom lying in bed listening to musicFrom light shining in my mirrorFrom wanting peace and quiet to readI am from home where I like to be alone
  Words. Words have power. Words can build you up, Up, higher, higher, Till you feel as if You are in the stars. But words can also Pull you down, pulling You down so deep, that
“Conform to be like me,” they say, “You have no necessary need to be like you.” “There is no better way to play, Than the wondrous way I do.”   But what if I want to be dangerously diverse,
Get it, be fit. That's it, work it. Hard work is the fee. A healthy body is the key. Eat right, and exercise. Go play, lets advertise. Together we can, change the world, everyone will be a fan.
Get it, be fit. That's it, work it. Hard work is the fee. A healthy body is the key. Eat right, and exercise. Go play, lets advertise. Together we can, change the world, everyone will be a fan.
Have you ever looked up and seen the sky blood red? Turned to look at your best friend to find cuts up and down every inch of his body, deep and screaming. Never ending.  His lips pale white, his finger black and dripping; the bright green that on
That's not my problem Said a cold voice She said It's an opportunity Just pay   I replied I can't, or I don't know how I gotta go to work Is there something? Silence
You've got me pacing back and forthYou've got me doubting what I'm worthThis is it now, I'm all throughI'm living my life and it's not for you
I love scholarships They bring me lots of money I don't like haikus
I need money, and i say this with all seriousness. I need money, I am alone in this world I have no home in this world will i beg, no, but i will ask, please give me a dollar,  will you give no, because you assume.
You scribble concepts for all to see, Back to the classroom as you walk through the equation.  The board is full of color but my mind is clean and untouched, empty of any knowledge you were supposed to convey.  The value in this lecture is palpabl
Like the shimmering dust of gunpowderI was wounded by his eyes like gunpowderLifeless, but with the potential to combustLike that paints the parking lotBeneath our feet
Define success: Fame and Fortune, currency and connections. Define success: A bigger salary, better house, more things. Define success: Free money, hand-outs, favors, all take and no give. no.  
land of the free,home of the brave laws force us to behave, the government puts us in a cage prospectives in projects makes the world hard to digest. Even when I try my best, you cannot let my flaws lay to rest
Welcome to college students, this is the life! Our campus is banging and full of spice. Our student to professor ratio make classes great. Come on in we will hold the gate. Now I am here I am on my own.
What would the world be like if there was no such thing as money? Would it be a better, simpler life? With no greed; no killing or fighting to be rich? How would it affect everyday people?
You always say "don't confuse success with wealth" so would you shut up about your salary? You chose the teaching life, the teaching life did not choose you.
  I am so dull In a room that is so dark I have entered a place where I am so clueless
I need a metaphorical axe cause im boutta  cut down this hypothetical money tree do  you feel me...
When I was young they told me money isn't real If so can I say no to this foreclosure deal? Will the hospital do free surgery on my heel? Is there anybody out there that feels like I feel?
The ironic title of a Trichotillomaniac is one not filled with pride, More like anxiety  Which is the quite ironic part considering the fact that  That is all that the disorder is 
What am I doing here?   Nobody knows. What do I do now? I have no idea. Guys help me out, I just need money.      Waskdfjsadkfj     
I've been blessed. Parents willing to live poorly if that means an education for me. Parents willing to brush toilets if that means an education for me. Yet, you, the one with the PhD, can't provide.
Get up, run, shower, school is in an hour. Wait... No! My clock is slow. Sh*t. I'm screwed. I gotta go.  Throw powder on my face, hope my mascara is in place, grab my keys, sprint out the door,
What is the meaning to inspire Is it for ones to hire Or just to get one's attention So one can feel like their in detention Or is it achieving where others have failed Because they tried and then they bailed
I am writing this poem to get a scholarship, you guys have some extra cash and I need a lot of it.
My uncle once told me never to smell money; for liking the smell of money is selfish, I suppose, greedy, as if the green scent is blood in an ocean infested with sharks
What is life? Why am I not brave? Where is my self-confidence? Why am I so afraid? Will I pass this test? Will I prove that I’m better than the rest? How did I end up here? When will I leave?
This green man makes the world turn He destroys our people, yet he runs all The hurting should be how we learn Yet our fate depends on his call Poverty stricken areas all around
110 Billion Dollar Date (Katrina’s Beauty) My name is infamous To strike fear in a southern voice. They had my number- Free to call, But chose the wrong choice. Date after date-
College has been my dream since day one. Since I have seen both parents struggle Since I saw how much good could come out of education. The time has come, I made it. Little did I know, 
I have come to speak today,in a rather crude way,about the prestigious lifeof a college Sophomore.
College is scary. It is also expensive. I need much money.
Teacher, teacher I need help on this question I’m trying my best But I need a suggestion   But teacher, teacher Instead of rote memorization Instead of formulas and dates
Life; funny as it may be; daring as it should Could not compare to this, or so it would All problems faced to the majority as a whole
Theology twisted, robbing the poor Sick religions have the saints misunderstood U.S. economy in it for self Rich stiff necked scholars still seeking knowledge But graduated from a top Ivy League college
What point is there to believe and trust To think that nothing is greater that it The world believes its religion  Greed, power, control, luxury What is the value of blood compared to such an idol
School life has never been for me, it never has been, never will be. Out of conformed society, that is where I feel free. The future is filled with uncertainty,
I remember when they told me to hit the books, pick up a pen Bet they didn't think it would cost me a fortune back then
Poems are hard but writting is easy. So this all might sound a little bit cheesy. That doesn't mean that this is funny. I can write a poem when it comes to money. My pockets are empty, My loans get declined
I write because I need the money. 
I was raised by Republicans, grew up with the Democrats, Never had much, but I belong with aristocrats, I want a lot of cars like Leno has, Little fish in a big pond like a minnow has,
Days pass by and yet I can't stop continuous contemplation. Financial Crisis College problems combined these cause pain and distress continuous contemplation. I choose this road
No, I don't run fast, but I am always moving toward my future; I've never been truly talented, but I'm always trying to push myself;  And I have no idea how to achieve my dreams, but I will always try to reach them.
My pen on paper, my mind running about it’t to hard to keep trying, “Get an education, go to school!” all this they shout. but my dream are growing further, and my goals are dying.
I can do this, right? I can do this, write? It's all for the money. Writing for money. Give me money because I wrote something. It's everything. The only thing. Not love, not compassion,
Because the American Dream is hardly a dream Working two jobs, a nightmare it seems Bills upon bills, taxes upon taxes, Living middle class, far from the wealthy status.  
They say the world revolves around money. I think that you don't need money to be happy, but in order to be happy you have to be set financially. The world is too cruel to those who have nothing,
I wish the lottery and raises wouldn't bring as much joy as they do. I wish your happiness and satisfaction with life didn't depend on the amount of money you had.
I was so close to nirvana but disaster had to come Trembling, sweating dripping, heart beating like a drum It could be all over in an instant Leaving me crying in my bedroom, seeming senseless
Paying for college. It's almost impossible. Scholarships can help.
I have two friends, Money and Knowledge. I met Knowledge as a child and I met Money as a teen. Both supported me but the difference was Money was harsh and Knowledge was kind.
Bright flashing gold and green hypnotic, It’s plain this substance is narcotic.   Desire that we can’t ignore, The more we have, the more we adore,
Can you get into my head? Can you make me one of YOU? Who...walks past fast, with Ray Bans? Should you change my mind when I turn on the TV?... You are wired, ready to deliver the BAD news.
  Contemplate capturing currency, Chasing it like creatures chaotically like it was an emergency. When your funds fill fellows’ fingers, Exiting your own, making you one of the malingers.
Oh money, how I love you, how I worship your crinkly verdure, your crispy capitalism, your innocuous presence. Why then, did I forget to go to work yesterday robbing me of your sweet pleasures with which I would kiss the hands of consumerism?
Everyone is tangible/ Lacerations cut deep within one's pride/ Castigations fly freely from lips of an octogenarian idol/ Sorid, vile words were bladed sharp/ Everyone is tangilbe/ Aspirant to move forward/ Pushing through the cracks of the dark,
Happiness is a feeling not a destination.So why do we keep searching on a path full of limitations.Searching in objects becomes our new motivation to move up an elevation. Because tv ads have provided us with this generalization.
They say school is the one thing that will guarantee success in ones life. How can we be so sure when the costs of tuition and education are bigger than the chance of one actually making "it" when school is all said and done.
Roses are red and I am not a poet and I am not an artist and I’m not the glue that sticks to your shoes andYou should choose your friends more carefully and
Wall Street Stock market For some people  it's their Easy Street. Whenever I think of that phrase, I think of Annie and the song sung by Hannigan and her brother
A wise old man made a simple decree:he told me that the best things in life are free.If I'm to be humble and grateful, at ease,I know to acquire that college degree.The stress and the pressure,
Who knew  one could be so  submissive . . . ? mopping and cleaning plates for mere tips We dream and play  until one day it slips Not a care for others
If I wandered into a bar and got drunk, I would leave feeling pleasured and great, Only to find my head spinning the next day. Surely there is more to life.  
I left them... Last night I had a dream the world was ending, I was reduced to ant size and lived with a snake,  she was friendly but scary,  green and alive, I am awake now, paying my credit card
  This imperatively imparted knowledge   This so-called apparent benefit to the scholarly mind   -to a decent life   This invisible influence on material happiness  
See you are the type of girl who wants everything handed to you You want diamond rings, foreign cars and clothes made by designers who's names you can't even pronounce
Begin wake up at five then take a drive flip a switch and try not to bitch fill the cups with ice then try to smile and be nice take the tips of quarters and dimes
Lalalala I don't know what to do really. I don't know if to rhyme I don't know if to squeeze I don't know....that's something I frequent. Science is my game And the more I learn, the less I know.
So many different thoughts go running through my mind, I'm on my way to college, a roomy I must find. Senior year is flying by, still so much to do, Disney, Prom, Graduation, just to name a few.
What am I supposed to do without you? Where will I live? What will I eat? Please don't leave me again. I need you to live. You make me feel safe. He doesn't need you!
Money makes, you smile but love makes you happy, money buys you food, love makes you a daddy, a job gives you money, love gives you a wife, working can be temporary, while love lasts the rest of your life.
College is coming oh me oh my I have no idea what I'll do tonight Applications, Dead Lines and Work When in doubt I should just twerk No that won't help me get in college Maybe I should just quote hamlet
How could you not understand? How badly the rich has the upper-hand When everybody is chasing the dollar They will always have us under their collar And under their commands we holler
Please come in And do close the door I am here to tell you About your marvelous future
Do you think the politics matter? Do you think that whoever takes the big chair will determine if your family is fed tomorrow?
If money grew on trees my life would be at ease No one knows how I feel never knowing when I'll have my last meal Seeing the for sale sign in the front yard needing money so much but its too hard
All the excitement killed when you walk through the door It was built to be such a great time in my life Eating lunch wherever Feels like your whole time in high school was supposed to be spent in the halls
Poems Poets Media Shop Support Search Login Sign Up S**T by Lynisha Arceus I woke up this morning with a whole bunch of S**t on my mind I don't have S**T to call my own
They say we're a drug school, but thats only halfway true. They try to stay cool when they hear, "Hey, you!" But when its not them, they continue.
The milling, the tilling, the toiling, the killing, for nothing more than a shilling, a shilling. Carelessly sowing, selfishly growing, fearing the gale of a harsh wind blowing, blowing.
Every morning Dad comes home Exhausted and shattered by his work The money wouldn’t be asked more. Fumblingly his hands in the kitchen Quick cooking for breakfast as dinner, Quick eating but no one asking for.
Change, A word I hate to bear When it pounces on my life And runs me to despair Relocation, An identity of mine An overbearing type of life When we won’t make up our mind We can’t come to a conclusion
How is it these days That kids are expected to act older, be mature, grow up sooner rather than later? How is it that kids are treated like kids, yet told that they need to be responsible?
You act as if a crown lies on your head and a gavel rests in your hand – as if people were born just to serve under you and obey your every command Reality will strip you of your illusion
Why can't that be me with the looks and the charm? Friends in vast places Skills and a swift mind Creativity, athleticism, and all
What moves us currently Is it money, be it currency It chokes the breathless As it starves the hungry Because the absence of power Is the absence of currency The power to move The power to act
i am disenchanted i don’t care about your world of illusions with its love that isn’t; it’s just romantic
History the past When did they invent the cash? That would stimulate economies And create a large gap In between the lines You cant read like "Between the Lions" You cant read the fine print
clink clonk I sing as I roll in your pocket a reminder I burden you you want me You need me but you never get a chance to keep me
Safe is a word that bounces in my chest, it holds my breath in after thoughts like "future" Take it away, can you arrange my life so I don't cry at night?
Senior year I begin, New costs and less money It’s time to step up A new chance to grow, A new chance to learn, The burns and backaches, The stress and headaches. Constrain all my thoughts
I'm too young to have a stressed mind If money wasn't real we would have less crime Cause of banks we got bodies full of hollow clips Put the money in the bag and run like a politic Life ain’t soft I pray in the rough
I don't know when life gets better I don't know when you'll be happy. I do know that it is gonna happen. Mark my words, mark my words I don't know if there is a god I don't care either way.
Im not up to your standards so tell me how to be more black My looks are substandard so show me how be more beautiful I didnt get a perfect score on ACT like my best friend so tell me again how I'm stupid I am
What is this force that wraps us in warm embrace? Steel wrought chains wrapped around us, within the darkness.
So much to pay for with so little money My parents think its really funny Everyone dreads paying for college But we all have to go to fill our heads with knowledge I empty my wallet, savings, and my bank account
Ive had you Held you its true ive got a clue Passion, desire i need you Lier True You're mine I lost you To dine So blue
I work so hard I work so long To see my efforts give me the wrong Physics, Math, Chemistry Japanese, Korean, Chinese I feel like studying you at ease But time is short Money is vanishing
I hear glass bottles breaking Babies crying Tear drops dripping (CLUNK) Cars beeping their horns. Teacher's yelling like no tomorrow. Chairs banging against the table (BANG).
Pressure, pressure, the need to be the best Is sucking me, pulling me, and making me a mess Every paper, every grade, every solemn word I speak Has been thought up, reviewed, and perfected till made bleak
Practically weightless, yet, it weighs on your shoulders. You either have it or you don't. You have enough or you don't You're not addicted.. Yet, you need it.
The creature scared and common in the dark isolated cave is crying.
My mom is a teacher and does what it takes But very little money does she make. She works hard to make little lives better Helping me along too is like playing a double-header.
how can something cause pain and happiness something small something so thin I am used to the pain So I set my goals high
Money, the universal language for happiness, Money, the international reason for terror, Money, the medium that's lacked in those who need it, and in abundance for those who know no true will,
The things people do for money sometimes just cant be said whether its applying for a scholarship Or ensuring someone doesn't make it to bed Its sad to see, the way people envy each other when it comes to dough
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