Weïrd World

Sun, 05/27/2018 - 13:38 -- JohnP

We live in a world so corrupt, evil, and gross

That countries can't help themselves, let alone the ones that need it most

And now it's seems moneys in charge instead of people

And the ones that are left in poverty are treated as not equal

Money is the root of evil and there's no denying

That the effect it has on the world is truly terrifying

So many people will do anything for profit

That during their journey for wealth, they don’t understand their losses

Thinking that your riches will fund your dreams

But you depend on our balance like a gymnast on a beam

Having tons of “friends” that you don't even really know

But yet they stick with you because they know you have money to blow

So many of us are worried about cash and debt

That we are left blind and can't identify the real threat

Like how money causes things like envy, greed and wars

But these are only a few of the many issues that can't be ignored

We live in a world full of anger, hate, and depression
Because we don’t realize that every life is a blessing

Too many people have died, yet without truly living
Instead of chasing their dreams, they doubt themselves and start wishing

Our thoughts are clouded by fear and our hearts are full of hate
Still no one notices how bad until it’s way too late
It’s a shame self worth is worth nothing in this new day and age
We base our friendships off likes on a social media page
And now it seems stereotypes are how we are judging people
And now the color of folks determines if they’re treated equal
They tell us hide our differences is ugly if they show

But what they don’t know is our differences make us beautiful
We have to fight through adversity, pressure makes diamonds
You learn from your mistakes and put the bad parts behind you
Can’t focus on your past, only your future and present

But know that it isn’t bad if you think you’re stressing

Just take what you’re learning and put it towards where you’re getting

For the tougher the lesson, the bigger the blessing

So follow your dreams, do it for you
They’ll be obstacles, but it happens to us all so don’t get blue

For everywhere you turn you see, life isn’t easy

There’s no one person in the world that’s happy, well at least not completely
And people will always try to bring you down
But you have yourself to pick you up, when no one else is around
So don’t feel out of place if you’re not part of a new trend
Don’t feel poor if you don’t have much money to spend
Do what makes you happy, not for your family or friends

Because when the time comes, it’s only you in the end

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Our world
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