Love and Money

Fri, 02/24/2017 - 12:13 -- cdjran

Love is not about money

The words you have been uttered

But the main thing 

You connects with me

Is all about the money

You call me

You said you miss me

But seasonal to say

"I love you"

Is it because you

Love the money from me.

I remember last month

I told you I have none

I will pay our credit

Then you left me behind

It's been three weeks

Without any message

On my inbox, text nor call

But then you know that 

Every 23rd my salary

You didn't make the week pass

You pretended that you are so hurt

Nagging at me

condemning me,

And even make me feel

That I am a worthless woman

I was laughing

When you behave like that

I don't know if you say the truth

Because of love

Or you pretended

Because of the money

You will get?

Then 23rd comes

You kept on joking online

I kept on riding you

Till you said tonight

"Babe I have no money"

And I answer," even me."

I want to add this phrase

" I don't get boyfriend for pay"

But I supress my mouth

And stop responding

I don't care what kind of drama you will make

But dear, I am tired of this relationship

Where money talks

I am not happy anymore

I don't want a weak man

Who always rely from a woman

It frustrate me

It makes me stubborn

Seeing you as relying on me.

My apology, dear

This is our last month

I don't want to extend this

I want to be a free woman.

So goodbye, my dear

This is our last

I am broke financially

I also broke my heart.

I want real love

Not love because of money

But love that we both make money

But it's impossible for you

You just waste all the money

I have been trusting you

That you can be establish a life

Without my extention of help

And become a stable one

To support your needs

And get my full respect

But then my dear,

You frustrated me.

I don't want to be blame

By my family

As you know,

I have many choices

And now I knew

You must not be the one

That will stay by my side

When I am old and weak

Because if you are the man I will choose today

Maybe, before I become old

I am a dead man

You are a leech

You are like a prostitute

Using the word love

To get money

To have a life

I apologize, my dear

I am tired

I want to discontinue

This pity relationship

I want my life

I want my love

I want my money

And my everything

It's better to be alone

And enjoy my freedom,

My money, my self

This is my good bye

I will never come back

Nor make a story

of five years apart

It is our ending

And never will be together

I knew you well


You love me

For money

Not for love

But for money.


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