Happiness is a feeling, not a destination

Wed, 07/10/2013 - 15:05 -- dkaur


Happiness is a feeling not a destination.
So why do we keep searching on a path full of limitations.
Searching in objects becomes our new motivation to move up an elevation. Because tv ads have provided us with this generalization.
That happiness can be paid for,
And that's when misery comes knocking on our door.
When expectations are set too high and limitations deny us the ability to fly.
The media keeps you celebrity obsessed,
instead of showing that the wealthiest people are the most depressed.
Money can't buy love so its useless.
I mean why buy big expensive things when they have no purpose.
We remember people after they pass away but forget that when they were here,
we failed to look their way.
Going through this motion, walking around broken,
not knowing it or showing it because we're all too busy drinking that capitalist poison.
And somewhere along the road we all started to live the wrong way,
day to day, with painted fake smiles, but behind closed doors we hide our shame. Searching miles for happiness when its been here this whole time.
Stop fighting that uphill battle on the materialistic mountain you're trying to climb.
I promise you it's the little things that matter the most,
the splash of cold waves on the coast, a toddlers giggle, the sky at dawn, a baby being born.
Stop before you're torn. Don't live this life the wrong way for too long.
Because before you know it, happiness will be gone.
Keep your heart open to new thrills and often say I love you to the people who love you, because true happiness fills your heart - even if you're feeling blue.
Yesterday is no longer here, tomorrow is assumed. Today is your only certainty so be happy, because in order to live life to its fullest, happiness is a necessity.



I really enjoyed your piece and thank you so much for sending it in! I like that you are conveying a thought many people forget about! You showed it perfectly throughout the poem, with fluid thought that everyone can keep up with.

Good job on title for the poem!


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