More to Life


If I wandered into a bar and got drunk,

I would leave feeling pleasured and great,

Only to find my head spinning the next day.

Surely there is more to life.


If I won $1 million but spent it on five new cars,

I would have the perfect opportunity to feel great,

Only to find that cars won't ease my lonliness.

Surely there is more to life.


If I married a woman solely for her charming appearance,

I would have a great honeymoon,

Only to find she doesn't share any of my interests.

Surely there is more to life.


If I stole five grand from a bank,

I would feel like I accomplished something sneaky,

Only to find myself behind bars for a year.

Surely there is more to life.


If I made another person feel low to boost the laughs around me,

I would feel like a person who everyone loves to be around,

Only to have the victim's sad face haunt my nightmares.

Surely there is more to life. 


If acohol can't keep me feeling high,

If five new rides can't keep my interest up,

If an uninterested spouse can't keep me feeling loved,

If money can't keep me from prison,

If laughs can't keep me from guilt,

What is left?


Without proper help,

Without proper guidance,

Without proper motives,

Without proper inspiration,

Without a proper heart,

Nothing will make sense,

And nothing will keep me satisfied.


That is where there is more to life.  


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