Reverse Ulterior Motives

Tue, 08/26/2014 - 13:15 -- MKhain

“Why? It’s too much.”

Why ask me again? I already told you.

Red skinned, sweet sweat lines our noses

My ankle propped on yours,

Eyes quizzing the other’s.

We don’t have the money.


“But why?”

Comfort in each other’s presence.

Bunnies crawling by our feet,

Silk grass strands soothing our backs,

Protect us from the chaos of city life.

The lake-breeze whispered hand lifts

Clothes and hair.

Comforts, reminds.



“I love it so much, but it’s too much.”

Just take it.

Accept it.

Money means nothing.

Long hours, overtime, weekends.

Everyday in a book.

Everyday at work.

For you. For us. For this.

The future is wide open for us.

I made sure of it.


This is why I did it.

Money means nothing.

Loans mean nothing.

I simply love you.

I simply need to have you at my side,

Written down,

In celestial records.

Have us be happy, have you be happy.

That is why I gave all

To give you the best.

The ring gleams.


“That’s why I said yes.”

I’ll be the millionaire.

All I ask is you be my life.

What a sad place to live in.

Even love pulls at the leash.


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