Money Hungry


United States
45° 2' 10.59" N, 89° 30' 40.9392" W

If money grew on trees
my life would be at ease
No one knows how I feel
never knowing when I'll have my last meal
Seeing the for sale sign in the front yard
needing money so much but its too hard
Hearing the words foreclosure, poor, or debt
trying not to lose hope just yet
Not able to afford what's in
the lottery is something I won't win
Noticing the amount of friends start to lack
all because you just couldn't pay them back
Losing everything that you love
praying every night for help from above
Trying to make it day by day
wishing there was some other way
No house so you're on the streets
and sleeping on nothing but sheets
Living off of what relatives send
and just wishin that life would end


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