America, Home of The Free


just some island Columbus "found" in 1942

the place where we covet what doesn't belong to us

where we try to obliverate what ever is not the same as us

the land where pack mules come in the form of forced slaves

the land where we rape, mutilate and kill our own

every other countries dream

 our own living breathing nightmare



a four letter word word with many different meanings

a cardboard box on the street

the backseat of a car

a womens shelter overflowing with women in need

a house with four walls and abusive guardians

a figment of our imagination that will never exist



seems to only be applied to certain people

costs 40,000 a year and a lifetime to pay back

devestation and destruction humans so eagerly share

the tears we cry for every lost

a farfetched word because nothing is free


America, Home of the Free

The most ironic propaganda I've ever seen.




This poem is about: 
Our world


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