Hopeless or Homeless

If time were stoppable

And hypocrisy improbable

I would make you understand

Let you experience firsthand

How to wallow in self-suffering and

What it’s like to have nothing

Yeah I’ve been there and done that

Veteran of the broken man’s combat

My world was once so small

I held it in the palm of my hand

Where your ticket to the promised-land

Could only be an el pass

And a big mac was the best of first class

Ten cents was a holiday bonus

Yeah, that’s the life of the homeless

Begging strangers for a chance

Same old song and dance

All I need is a dollar, a quarter

A dime, a nickel, a penny

Please. I’ll do anything.


You’re blinded and insatiable

Too stubborn and unshakeable

When so many would give

Whatever to live

The life that you do

Three meals a day

A place to call your own

That you come home to everyday

With a spring mattress throne

You sleep on and claim it was a hard night

And your back hurts and your belts too tight

Yet there are people who never stop hurting

But they don’t complain and are endlessly yearning

For the problems you have

And your type of sad


So I hate you

I don’t want to hear it

You have no right to be in such low spirits

You don’t know what it’s like

To be truly poor

Or how to survive a cold winter’s night

Because you’re too immature

You’re selfish

You’re ignorant

And distastefully inconsiderate

To the people who have the right

To be worried about tomorrow night

Yes, you’re hopeless

But you’re certainly not homeless


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