Murdered by Greed: (Impromptu spoken word speech)

Sun, 02/08/2015 - 01:41 -- Dcayir

They are blind, 

Blind to the suffering 

The suffering that is affecting millions as we speak

Their are caught up in their “good life” 

Sports cars, dance clubs, and their beer.

Their eyes are only on money that they are blindfolded to everything else

Isn’t it sad that they are murdered by greed


Remove your shades of fame and glory and take a look at the world through the eyes of an orphan in Syria

 or a malnourished child in Somalia, 

or a woman who has witnessed the death of her own children due to disease bearing water. 

Walk in the shoes of a shoeless child in a village

 or a homeless person

or a sick child.

Open your eyes to what has been here since the existence of man-kind


You turn up your music blasting words of the satan

To drown the sounds of crying children

You look down upon these people as if they not people at all

As if you are mighty kings and and they are dirt that you brush off your shoes.

It is heartbreaking to see you think you aren’t doing anything wrong 


We have millionaires hidden away, complaining about their loneliness 

Celebrities relaying on drugs and alcohol to live a “happy life”

It is the impact you have on this world and your self worth that make you happy or miserable.

Brothers and sisters, be happy with everything that you have in your life

Don’t complain about what you don’t have

Because the day you complain about your phone not being the newest model, look at the person with no phone to call for help when they are dying 

When you are complaining to a waitress about the food not being to your standard, recall that their are people who are starving

When you complain about a heavy workout, be thankful you have the strength to workout at all

Because one day, you will be old and you won’t be able to do anything without assistance. 


Money isn’t everything.

To put it real, money is nothing.

It only has value to those who value it

Without the government endowing a value, there wouldn’t be a difference between money or  paper

Paper from trees that have been slashed in a peaceful forest

I could shred this money to pieces to proove a point, but you will cringe and cry out

“What are you doing"

We all heard, "money talks"

But the moment I get the chance, I will gladly silence it


The tears shed from the people in this world could fill the 7 seas, and violence can destroy the purity from the blood shed of innocent civilians

One drop of water can quench the thirst of a child , sprout a plant, and make a desert wasteland into a green field. 

But your view this drop of water as nothing.

You use it as if the whole reservoir is yours.

You waste it lavishly for your pools and recreation when this single thing supports life


So remember that you can make a change 

and no matter how small this change is

a change is better than no change

have no greed, have no fear, have no hate, and be thankful

Peace be with you





This poem is about: 
Our world


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