Haikus About The Greatest Four Years Of Your Life

You’ve been accepted

College, university

What’s a student loan?


The first two years here

General education

Money, where are you?


Two weeks, fifty bucks

All that is left in the bank

I had three thousand.


Netflix has Spongebob

There’s geometry homework

The struggle is real.


Cry. Booze. Sleep. Repeat.

At class with a hangover

...This is not my class.


“Mom, help. I need cash.”

“Grandma, help. I need some cash.”

No cash. Just ramen.


Two breakdowns, no sleep

This was not covered in class

Midterms and finals.


Tuition money

Student loans are here to help

Help. Someone please help.


&$#*. What the @$&^$&*)

#$%*#^& !@#$%^&*()*&# @*%$&



Graduation, debt

Got a job at Taco Bell

I hear Sallie Mae.


Rent too high, no food

Endless debt payments rising

Need more money. &#%^.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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