Land of the Need


740 E, 150 S
United States
41° 47' 43.9908" N, 111° 48' 9.5256" W


Trump- worst president in history

Trump ruined America

How Trump is spending his money

The truth about Trump. 

Okay, so we hate Trump. 

How many of us can really say why?

But does it matter, while third world kids are lining up to die?

Fox, BBC, they tell us what we want to here like

a traumatizing Instagram feed

and most of us end up unhappy

even though, at least we can read. 

What is our real definition of poor?

Enough to buy a car, a roof, and a floor?

Wouldn't we be taxed less if we all gave more?

Sure, we'll never all agree, shore-to-shore

but does opinionated inconsistencies have to mean 

a nationally debated war?

What if the top ten websites weren't just for buying

self-promoting and lying,

but instead suggested giving, better living and trying.

Picture 100% participation to the banner that protects us,

the supportive nation that elects us

And not just in saying the pledge,

but about taking it to the edge.

Taking some off the top for donations

and helping immigrants from ruined nations,

or voting for the best and not just the big

or even posting a picture without a metaphorical mask or a wig. 

Self-interest, cash, and drama piled on thee,

Living in hoods without brotherhood

from sea to shining sea. 



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My country
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