"Check Please!"


Queen Creek, AZ
United States

A hard wood high chair was where I sat

It is uncomfortable now but not at the age I was at

I looked around the room and saw many people eating

It was another Saturday night and we were having a family meeting

My dad felt uneasy and shifted in his chair

I didn’t notice though, I was busy looking in the air

My mother noticed how he started to feel

She rested her hand on his and finished her meal

The waiter came by, dad felt a shiver in his knees

Dad called out to him and said “Check please”


I put on a cap and gown and I stared into the mirror

I was looking for success so I wiped to see a little clearer

Mother walked in and asked if I was ready

I told her I thought so as I tried to hold myself steady

Name after name we heard them call over the intercom

I was nervous for my name so applied more lip balm

Graduation was a little difficult but it was finally over

With necklaces and beads my family gave me a makeover

Now it was time for dinner, the whole family took their seat

Mom and Dad called out with pride “This one is our treat!”


I climbed into the car after work and put the key in the ignition

I tried to turn it on but the car was out of commission

An old man called out and asked what I needed with a yelp

I humbly accepted and he came over to give me help

Finally arriving I joined my family as the waiter was taking orders

After a short wait the meal came from the food transporters

We all ate together and we talked about our day

It seemed like a normal visit but I knew there was more to say

The meal was finished and dad gave me a pat on my knees

“Son it is your turn to ask “Check Please””


It was at this time in my life when I knew I wasn’t a kid

When I had to pay for things that normally dad did

I am so grateful for all the many things that were bought

But I am most grateful for the many things that I was taught

Even though I have not yet been a rich man

I can call myself a success even though my career has just began

Being a child is fun and there is not much worry

You grow into a different life, As an adult life is in a hurry

I may not be a kid anymore but I can still have fun

Just because you grow up doesn’t mean life is done

This poem is about: 
My family


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