Education is Freedom

A wise old man made a simple decree:
he told me that the best things in life are free.
If I'm to be humble and grateful, at ease,
I know to acquire that college degree.
The stress and the pressure,
they're a-killing my soul.
This money, this strain is so much to uphold.
My parents are worried, they scrape and they scrape,
to provide me with no more than basic tastes -
of the right to knowledge, to understanding and success.
They wish that our family had to not worry about the rest.

My mother worked harder, my dad worked later;
my brother and I had to make our own food for the table.
Saving and saving, no exravagants or excess
for a chance to have freedom in the form of access.

I am asking for money, but not for superficials -
I am asking for a chance to become more official.
A father, a wise man, made a simple decree:
an education is all you need, just keeping working and believe.

I write because all that matters to me
is to relieve some pressure and to temporarily feel free.


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