An Overnight Poet


United States
40° 23' 16.7604" N, 74° 20' 7.0296" W

So many different thoughts go running through my mind,
I'm on my way to college, a roomy I must find.
Senior year is flying by, still so much to do,
Disney, Prom, Graduation, just to name a few.
I feel so blessed and happy, my futures looking bright.
The ball is in my court, my decisions must be right.
Touring different colleges and a major I must choose,
"College Apps for Dummies," I'm searching for some clues.
Money, money, money that's all my parents see,
where are they going to get it, do I think it grows on trees?
Grants, awards, and contests, they're out there and I know it,
For the many hats I wear in life, today I am a poet.

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