Money Money Money


College has been my dream since day one.

Since I have seen both parents struggle

Since I saw how much good could come out of education.

The time has come, I made it.

Little did I know, 

people look at the money.

If you don't money, 



No matter how much I try, ]

I seemed to get pushed a few steps back every step I take forward.

Forward to tring to better myself

my future.

The time to shine as come, 

but the time to pay has not.

the whole point of going to school is to learn to receive higher pay 

than the people who do not 

set forth the effort.

How do you really get there?

It is not as easy as everyone seems to say, 

especially for someone who didn't have a paved way.

Doing things on your own are tough

getting through the struggle 

is hard.

Trying to be postive 

is harder.

Gaining money for school could be easy, 

if they looked the student individually, 

see how hard the are trying to earn money, 

how many applications they are putting in, 

they would see who really deserves the 

money, money, money.


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