Dollar and a Dream


I was raised by Republicans, grew up with the Democrats,

Never had much, but I belong with aristocrats,

I want a lot of cars like Leno has,

Little fish in a big pond like a minnow has,

I want to be successful and a better man,

Never cheat on life and pull a David Letterman,

A go getter man, so I go get it man,

Doing doughnuts in my car I want dough like Entenmann's,

Because I feel like I’m being circled,

Feel I have to hide in my shell like a turtle,

I’d rather be out lying on a beach down in Myrtle,

Money’s nice, but Family Matters more, ask Urkel,

That’s a classic if you didn’t know,

I took a dollar off my money tree and now it won’t grow,

So much for making dreams while I’m in Dollar Tree,

All they do is fail like my grades in trigonometry.


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