My Year

2016 started off great

Plenty of money and plenty of cash

If only I could see my future

And how it would not last

Falling for someone I thought was genuine

Learning his tricks and then going back to him

Finally opening my eyes after 6 months of tears

He threw away a "friendship" that lasted 5 years

Going from 3 jobs to 2 was incredibly rough

But being treated like a child just had to stop

Things started going finally going my way

And I finally had a glimmer of hope

I was becoming happy again

But life was like "Nope!"

My promotion at work hasn't been smooth

Never ending drama that cannot be soothed

Experiencing lots of new thing this year

Heartbreak, joy and depression; with lots of tears

Going into this holiday season will be stressful

Working, traveling, coaching and selling

All while dating the undecided is dreadful

One good thing came out of the year

I turned 21, my heart filled with cheer

Going downtown will all of my friends

Hoping the fun would never end

2016 has not been the best

But I'm hoping and wishing deep down in my chest

That next year will be keen

In the year of 2017

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