Money talks


United States
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clink clonk
I sing as I
roll in your pocket
a reminder
I burden you
you want me
You need me
but you never get a chance
to keep me

Clink clonk
I turn heads
when they hear
how I roll
when I hit the floor
I wont be alone for too long
cause I’m money

thump thump
some ones there
Pick me up
No intentions to return me to my owner
you know I know
you just want a piece of me
I invoke greed
Cause I offer so many

Clink clonk
I laugh at the fools
who fight for me,
die for me
turn them tricks for me
do time for me
just so they can get the fix they need
but hey what can they do without me money

clink clonk
no one knows my history
Only my present
Never my future
I'm either drug, blood, or hoe money
but I started off as green crisp money
all you know is money
You need me to use me
never there long enough for you to keep me
but I still get you the fix you need
cause I’m loved,
cause I’m money
And without me
You'd be nothing.


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