"Money Makes Everybody Happy,"- My Response

"Money Makes Everybody Happy"

Insecure stack buying you a backseat

Sure alone to the beat dieing to the heat

Let me speak 

Crack goes your beak

Crumbling because you weak

Broke enough to drown in a week

Not from the bills

Hot in your hills

A capsule of the kills

 Tills you dab on success

As you identify with excess

You get access

 To the Bling Bling

As a king with a dope ring

Baring time calls as you lose

Your cues 

To a diamond in a rut

When you finally shut the cut

Gonna be straight blunt

Blaring are you content yet?

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Our world
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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

love the rhymes behind this poetic words you chose to articulate

this is so dope

continue to write and inspire


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