The Almighty Dollar

They say the world revolves around money.

I think that you don't need money to be happy,

but in order to be happy you have to be set financially.

The world is too cruel to those who have nothing,

that living now consist of staying out of poverty.


I hate the term “to get by”

life should not be about getting by.

Because getting by, leads to living a lie,

that things will be better next week.

But we all know that next week is never guaranteed.


The circumstances that some are born in,

Should not define them in this stupid class system.

Because some are considered “lower class”,

does not mean that they common trash,

it just means they are low on cash.


The things people do for money amazes me.

Some will work terrible jobs, with an ass of a boss,

just to make a few bucks and be on top.

But what is the point? If they are miserable the whole time?

Knowing that anyone would forget you at the drop of a dime.


They say money talks.

Is it because everyone has lost their say in how the world is run?

Is it because our cries for help fall upon deaf ears,

and the world gets loud whenever money appears?

Is it because money has consumed our humanity,

and the idea of lots of money gives the vision of immortality?


You hear horror stories of what people do for money.

People get stabbed and shot for less than a penny.

They’re not being murdered for the gain monetarily,

its all for the idea that money brings infamy.


If I could change one thing in the world,

it would have to be the significance taught to every boy and girl,

about how money makes the world go round.

And with out it there is no reason to be proud.


I would completely erase the word broke.

Because the word broke implies that something needs fixing.

And what really needs to be fixed is those with money,

who stand around and do nothing, with heavy pockets and limited sympathy.



Im sure youre aware of the millions of starving people.

And you say you care about the millions of starving people.

But have you ever done anything besides finishing the food on your plate?

Children are told that because millions cant eat, your leftovers shouldnt go to waste.

What good does that do for anyone? Does filling your stomach fill theirs?

Or does it make your dollar stretch further until it tears.


Is it fair that some kids don't really know their own parents?

Mom and Dad are never home because their work is more important.

They are gone so much their child's basically an orphan.

The absense of money leads to an absence of a father.

Parents want to raise money so their kid can go to school and be a scholar,

but all the kid wants is to see his parents longer.


When you have not, you are considered nothing.

When you have not, the world is so unloving.

When you have, you are expected to go farther.

But no matter what you will end up chasing the Almighty Dollar.



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