Paper Slaves

Thu, 06/27/2013 - 23:08 -- vivz753


Who knew 

one could be so 






mopping and cleaning plates

for mere tips

We dream and play 

until one day

it slips

Not a care for others

Not a care for the world

We fight and argue 

for this piece

of paper

We put our life 

on the line

for something so corrupt

hide yo kids

hide yo wife

but that's not enough

It's everywhere.

This green little bill

not PBS Little Bill

One that is much less innocent.


It invades the brain

the young and the old

controls the media,

and makes us cold

in what we see

and what we do

a chemical reaction

of TV brew

subliminal messages

to get the clue

Kim & Chloe

to name a few

All hail

the mighty elites

Money sure talks

a lot

Desperate times 

call for desperate measures

so why not

exploit the weak

invade and kill

like Christopher Columbus


yet we fail to learn

and succumb to this

another repeat

of history

For a fraction

of the world's petroleum

peace fails to exist

for poor Middle East

and poor America

for being so blind

even Helen would have seen

that to put a price 

on all these lives

is obscene.

A liberty out of grasp

an eternal hunger

to our own demise

We are slaves to this

piece of paper

suffering and bribery

just to get 

a little bit

What does a Ben mean

if his legacy 

contradicts it






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