"Propaganda and Lies" ... Written by Big Virge 16/10/2006

You know it
seems that through life

Propaganda and Lies
are fed by those guys
who wear corporate ties

So ... DON'T be surprised
if your life seems contrived

The systemic rise
of divisive styles
has been long designed
by those who reside
in places with houses
they've painted in white !

Or those numbered 10

where they and their friends
Keep feeding us lies
Again and AGAIN ... !!!!!

See it's
all a pretence

Their calls for ... " Defence " ...

" Defence of The Realm " ...
while they're at the helm
is something the masses
now needs to DISPEL ... !!!

because it's quite clear
they're just helping themselves !

Propaganda SELLS
just like their talk SMELLS
of something that STINKS ... !!!!!

Something prepared
in their public speech scripts !

The type of lyrics
I Try NOT to enlist !

cos' it's all about tricks
to make the masses live
in poverty so that their brains OVERLOAD ... !!!

NO Old Kent Road
or getting past GO ... !!!

"Well, what do you know ?
My life styles so quick,
while theirs seems so slow ?"

Well ignorance leads
to you paying a toll !

Government polls
are clearly bank rolled

So what did you do
with your power to vote ?

Huh ... ??

Fall for their lies
well i think you may find
you jumped on the WRONG RIDE ... !!!

and now it would seem
you are paying the price

INFLATED gas hikes
NO good schools for your child
or homework for them
and you wonder why
we've now got these problems !

Our leaders conceal
and are Not Holyfield !

So are NOT The REAL DEAL ... !!!!!

But Feed Propaganda
with Punch like EVANDER ... !!!

while lyrics i'm writing
keep biting like TYSON ... !!!

which clearly is why
most people get FRIGHTENED
by wordplay I use
that proves that i'm shrewd !

What i'm saying to you
is to D I S S E C T the news ... !!!
and Government views

Don't let them confuse
through moves that they use

Political Coups
are used as a ruse
to keep you from seeing
what really is true

Their complete disregard
for public issues !

Those that affect ME
and those that affect YOU

If you turn ten around
it just becomes NET

Well the trap's
long been set
to keep people down
and wearing a frown !

UNLESS you are wearing
a wig and a gown

and clearly of course
all these Government Clowns ... !!!

So how does that sound ?
am I lying to you ?

Or am I just trying
to pass on some TRUTH !

and LIES leaders USE
to give THEMSELVES Pounds
through trust they ABUSE ... !!!

See the poverty gap
is all part of their plan

"Immigrants THIS
and Immigrants THAT !"

Their words divide masses
and WIDENS the gap ... !!!

while they plan
rubbing hands

See communities
that are filled with peace
rely on ... UNITY ...

which in turn
should then mean
that they no longer need
HEAVY HANDED Police ... !!!!!

Now Capitalists
are just New Age Fascists ... !!!

Or YES You have guessed
are New Age Separatists ... !!!

So who in the end
BENEFITS from all this ?

BEFORE parting your lips ... !!!

If we HATE each other
because of our colour
Or because of PRIDE
that we should put ASIDE

These people in power
just sit back and smile
and keep passing laws
that ensure that the poor
stay right where they are !

Are you with me so far ?

The Rich just get RICHER
and watch the rest wither !

because of the strain
applied to our brains !

from riding on trains
to bills we must pay
just to maintain
a life less restrained !

Well ...
that's what they'll say

So lets check that okay ?

Working LONGER Days
To earn HGHER Pay
so you can get a break
like a nice holiday !

But ...
Travel these days
can now create PAIN !!!

TERRORISTS They Complain
May be on your plane ... !?!

So you now need a break
AFTER Your Holiday ... !?!

It's all part of the game
that's run by these snakes
who clearly are FAKE ... !!!

I think it's time we called TIME
on those running OUR LIVES
through their FALSE Diatribe

" Propaganda and Lies "

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