Ever Great

Where were we in that past life? 


This is no run of the mill fast life


Getting up around seven and getting back past nine  


Enough to make the irrational type  




Living above our means  


Means nothing  


When you were never given the chance to grab life  


We're suffocating and fighting 


To adapt we've learned to gasp right  


We don't even need air at this point 


Committed no error  


Still they wish to blare all of the noise 


In hopes to disparage our voice  


Still we rejoice in our youth  


Though from the fountain we pour  


Rains down poison  


To our bodies and to the resources we store 


We stay cold and report all of the wholesome facades 


All in fear of the day when we begin to look like Allah 


And maybe some of it is true  


And some of it's law 


But we can't escape the fact that before we rest we must starve  


Are you full of life or full of yourself?  


A lot of these starving artists are in need of some help  


Help yourself, but if you were eating with God


would you be mad at the fact that you were eating with God? 


I don't even need to or believe in a God,


but I believe in what I got to be a piece to be brought 


to the table where they'd draw up the peace keeping plot  


Instead of letting us hang on and look down to see where


the rest rest in peace from this fraud 


Fraudulent is all it is, they've called it quits.  


Life is a game and they're saying that we've lost all the chips 


Weight on my shoulders makes my body stiff, trapped, and positive that the only way to finish the movie would be to collect a lot of clips 


But I've come to gather that they've locked us in  


I could not fathom all of the dollars spent  


They wish to distract us  Lucky for them I want the same for my mother and father  


We're taking losses but we never started with options 


So I must be an investment  


And never the martyr 


But then I look back at my stacks of dollars, move on, pop my collar,  


I gotta' do what I gotta'


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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