How Do You Reach the Road to Riches?


Because the American Dream is hardly a dream

Working two jobs, a nightmare it seems

Bills upon bills, taxes upon taxes,

Living middle class, far from the wealthy status.


Hard work, more labor, stress, aches and pains

So much of life’s pressures, with little to gain

Speaking from experience, but not that of my own

The ones of my parents, hardship they condone.


An uphill struggle, the top beyond reach

Happy images of the wealthy, blurred road they don’t teach

It’s my turn now, young adult on my own

My dream to live lavish, a top that fancy throne.


Money for education, the loans that I’ll owe

Money for bills and taxes, this cycle, I know

Tick tock tick tock, the clocks ticking away

No time to waste, No time for dreaming, always bills to pay. 


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