110 Billion Dollar Date (Katrina’s Beauty)


110 Billion Dollar Date (Katrina’s Beauty)

My name is infamous

To strike fear in a southern voice.

They had my number-

Free to call,

But chose the wrong choice.

Date after date-

Shrimp, after lobster, then steak.

I guess I’m pretty high maintenance,

Or hard to please.

With a mean walk, and killer eyes-

I strut my stuff through these southern streets,

Letting no one in my path.

I’m a five star woman,

With category five hips,

And pierced lips that will gladly crush levees.

Call me a diva, model, conceived in warm water.

Taking me out,

Isn’t cheap at all,

I had a date with Florida-

And broke down walls.

I show no mercy to a broke ass dude,

To curse me out in public-

But apologize on the news.

The heat of my eye-

And purge of my curves,

Will denounce all hope-

I will be that memory,

In which you will always hold.


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