Wed, 10/29/2014 - 03:15 -- sg8767


Your eyes Benjamin, why do they droop?

Why new quarter, do you feel like plastic?

Why, paper dollar, are you so thin? What makes you valuable?


We kill trees for corporate needs. 

Each bill used to please major factories. 

Let us break from this government scam of "freedom".

Instead of nourshing our wallets, let us nourish our minds. 

Let us avoid the endorsment of pesticides and chemicals with our dollar bill.

Let us ditch the fast food restaurants, major supermarkets, and generic clothing schemes. 

The bill fills our mind with greed, it turns into an addiction and its something we "need". 

Stop the wrinkles you cause in my mom's face, and the ashamed feeling my dad recieves when he can not provide me lunch money.

Stop me from back pains from work on the weekends. Let me sip my youth. 

Stop the separation of rich and poor, for money does not determine the worth of someone. 

Stop endorsing the idea that currency is a necessity,

because to me its internal soliciting to the governement's plan of practicality.


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