A Very Merry Nick

T’was the middle of the day and all was about.

All were awake, except for one snout.

  Throughout the busy city and the peaceful neighborhood, 

One sound stood out, but didn't sound too good.

For a loud snore was rumbling and causing a fuss.

“What’s making that noise!?” people would cuss.

Next came the beeping from the box on the table.

Who rolled out of bed but that jolly old fable.

Why.... It was Santa Clause. His friends call him Nick.

He yawned and cleaned his teeth with a day old tooth pick.

“What time is it? The suns already out.”

Santa Claus asked, with more of a shout.

“I guess it’s time to get up on my way,

I can't just sit and eat cookies all day.”

You see now, Santa’s not his average,

What has happened to him has been quite savage.

Running a factory with toys, elves, and sleigh:

It just doesn't cut it, especially not today.

After years of loans which went often passed due,

Nick tried his best, but the bank threatened to sue.

So, now Nick sits and puts on his black boot

And pulls his arms through his old red suit.

With a hat on his head, he struts out the door.

“Let’s see what today has for me in store.”

He squeezes in the bus, with little of space

And gets off at the mall, the most popular place.

As he plods through the doors, he sees everyone shopping.

“What would they like?” people are bloundering.

Nick heaves a large sigh with a bit of strife.

“I wish I could go back, back to my life.”

Nick clocked in his job with such little of chear,

“Who’s to bring all children presents this year?”

Santa sat down in his big large chair

And thought to himself, “It just isn't fair!

I brought toys to kids all over the planet!

No one appreciates me, I just can't stand it.

Now parents buy all their children's toys,

And leave me with nothing for good girls and boys.”

As Santa wondered and pondered, kids came his way.

The thoughts to himself quickly vanished astray.

The first child was placed on Santa’s right knee,

She was so small, she appeared to be three!

“What would you like for christmas?” He asked the young girl.

Saint Nick must have scared her, for she started to whirl.

She began to scream, and put up a fight!

Luckily this year, she didn't bite.

The next kid came up who seemed much older.

His mother’s hand held tight at the top of his shoulder.

“My names Trevor!,” he said with a whoop

“All I want for Christmas is a basket hoop!”

All the children wanted was about the same.

Everything that’s expensive must have been their aim.

Most of them drooled and cried like babies.

Santa wouldn't be surprised if some had rabies!

They have boogers and snot coming out their noses.

The smell of them was no were near roses.

Everyday for saint Nick was always the same,

Ask kids what they want. Does sound quite lame.


As Nick clocks out while the mall is closing,

the smile on his face is fully exposing.

Although some may hate the life they own,

And wake up each morning with a whine and a groan,

Santa loves the life which he occupies.

Just watch how he smiles, with a twinkle in his eyes.

Sure, he misses the job he once had,

Sometimes thinking of it makes him quite sad.

But seeing children each day in his lap all curled,

Why, Santa wouldn't change that for the world.

So remember this Christmas and during the seasons,

Don't lose sight in life and its reasons.

There's no point in complaining day in and day out,

Be happy with what you have, no need to pout.

New years will come and things always change,

Don't get frightened when everything feels strange.

Live life to its fullest, do your best to succeed,

But don't go too far away, keep yourself on that lead.

Remember what made you who you are,

Your friends and family have brought you this far.

Spend time with your family while opening presents,

Love life as it is, threw all of its segments.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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