Teacher, teacher

Teacher, teacher

I need help on this question

I’m trying my best

But I need a suggestion


But teacher, teacher

Instead of rote memorization

Instead of formulas and dates

All I want’s comprehension


Why does the Earth rotate the way it does?

Why is the sky blue?

Why does Pi go on forever?

What is forever?


Teacher, teacher

I see your bored expression

You have better things to do

But I must make a confession


If the teacher is not enthusiastic about






The World,

How can the student be expected to

Charge towards the unknown

challenge the unchallengeable

foresee the unforeseeable

and carve one’s path towards the indefinite light of the future?


Teacher, teacher

You’ve lost the light of a learner

The ambition of a dreamer

And the aptitude of an intellectual


I can’t stand the droning on and on

The endless ticking of the clock

The brains not put to use the right way

The dry words on a succulent topic


You are the result of a society bent on money

The society that claims education is important

The children are the future

But spends more money on jails and prisoners

Instead of salary for teachers

Equipment for the schools

Computers and technology that students desperately require


My school quite literally

Has walls made of cardboard

Education has been sent to hell

And it is more than we can afford


Teacher, teacher

I’m done.



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