Punished By God

When I had a car accident several years ago, I had quite the scare.
My brakes went out and I crashed and I'm confined to a wheelchair.
I'll never walk again, I'll be in this wheelchair for the rest of my life.
Because she didn't want to be married to a cripple, I lost my wife.
I was a phony faith healer and I perpetrated a fraud.
But I didn't get away with it, I was punished by God.
I would scam innocent people out of their bread.
I'm in a wheelchair and I'm lucky not to be dead.
Some may think it wasn't God's punishment but I know that it was.
I learned that a man has to pay for the wicked things that he does.
I'll suffer for the rest of my days because of my car that was driven.
I asked the Lord to forgive me for my sin and I have been forgiven.
I have some advice and you'd better listen to the words that I say.
Don't use the Lord to scam people because if you do, you will pay.


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