Wed, 05/22/2013 - 21:21 -- 5titch

Please come in
And do close the door
I am here to tell you
About your marvelous future

I see fame and fortune
Riches beyond your wildest dreams
Everything you could ever want
And it can all be yours for one small fee

Oh it isn’t much
Maybe a few thousand dollars
But think of all the money you will make
Once, and if, you make it out alive

The classes will drive you insane
The hours will cause you to go mad
But for the sake of your future
Won’t it all be worth it?

But if you can overcome these small task
Your reward will be fantastic
Something that shows off your hard work
A piece of paper

The most expensive piece of paper
That you will ever receive
And it can all be yours
For one, small, fee


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