College Life


Welcome to college students, this is the life!

Our campus is banging and full of spice.

Our student to professor ratio make classes great.

Come on in we will hold the gate.

Now I am here I am on my own.

Pushed to be an adult without being shown.

My dorm room is so small, not enough space at all.

The bathrooms are nasty, and the shower I appall.

If there is a fight the Deans don't do a thing.

Clearance lines, three day waits it brings.

Let speak not of books...

These writers are crooks.

Get to your class.

Kiss the teachers past.

Degrees equal respect.

Lecture for days, papers, and essays.

You are the wild cat and we are the prey.

16 credits sometimes more.

Tears all night, stopping self from running out the door.

Some teachers don't teach.

Some of them just preach.

Their way or the highway.

no exits just a straightaway.

The when you get the bill....

If you cannot pay they will push you down the hill.

College is a business, not a helping place.

How do we change such a place into an ace.

Here is what I have to show.

Help my small school to grow.

Care more for students.

Let us think.

Let us have opinions and our own points of view.

 Help us with finances.

Give us a place to go during holidays.

Do not let the students that pay your bill

Be just acquaintances, ones that are struggling.

Many of us won't make it.

I may be one....

Bills are high and I work so hard.

Take one step and be ripped back a yard.

We are the future and things have to change.

Or our future is dark.

Welcome to college students.

We really do not care.

Just give us your wallet plus.

We will give you a life supply of debt.

This is our future....what can I say.

College is work and takes a lot.

Would be better if more care and not just left us to rot. 


Tamara Hopewell

Wrote this about how college tells you all of the good things about their intuition,

but when you get there they leave you to figure it out. No one is there to help you. 

I live 700 miles away from home I get to see my parents twice a year (December and summer)

No one has ever come up to me asking if I am okay. If I will join them for a thanksgiving

dinner. There are not relationships in school and that is why education is failing. 

It teaches us to be successful we need to step on others. 


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